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What is the consttution?

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The United States of America's Constitution is a very important document for the country. It is a guide to run the country.

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In what year was the consttution written in?


What was the change to the US consttution?

the 27 amendments

What was the consttution for?

it was written for peace of new government.

Who wrote the consttution?

james madison govenor moris

What powers are directly granted to the national government by the consttution?

Supremacy clause.

How many changes has been made to the constitution?

i think there is 27 changes made to the consttution

Is the U.S. constitution the longest consttution in America?

The US Constitution is the both the shortest and longest lasting in the world.

What does the Consttution do?

The Constitution of the United States of America, along with it's amendments, establishes and protects the rights of every citizen in the nation.

What is the capital of New Hampshire the state that cast the desiding vote to ratify the consttution?

Concord is the capital city in the U.S. state of New Hampshire.

Did the consttution establish an official religion?

The US Constitution very much did not establish an official religion. Europeans came to America to get away from established official religions.

What part of the consttution summarizes why the constitution was written?

The part of the Constitution which summarizes why it was written is the Preamble. It states that the founding fathers expressed a desire to prevent the abuse of power by government.

What are the 6 functions of government as noted in the preamble to the consttution?

Establish Justice Insure Domestic tranquilty Provide for common defence Form a more perfect union Promote genral welfare(or warfare?) Ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and future posterty

The consttution is important to protecting our liberty today?

It is very important. Right now, it is stopping Trump from becoming a dictator and taking away rights. His recent executive orders are facing challenges throughout the courts system. The constitution is working for us in the separation of powers.

Is the confederate consttution is approved afer South Carolina secedes?

Yes. The first seven states to secede sent delegates to Montgomery, Alabama where they adopted the Confederate Constitution in February 1861. These were South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. They set up the Confederate government in Montgomery. Four more states seceded after Fort Sumter, including Virginia, and the Confederate government then moved to Richmond, Virginia.

What are the differences between independent constitution of 1960 and republican constitution of 1963 in nigeria?

what the differece between 1960 independent constitution and 1963 republical consttution

Who signed the constitution in the US?

The following 40 men signed the U.S. Consttution:Washington, George, VAFranklin, Benjamin, PAMadison, James, VAHamilton, Alexander, NYMorris, Gouverneur, PAMorris, Robert, PAWilson, James, PAPinckney, Chas. Cotesworth, SCPinckney, Chas, SCRutledge, John, SCButler, Pierce, SCSherman, Roger, CTJohnson, William Samuel, CTMcHenry, James, MDRead, George, DEBassett, Richard, DESpaight, Richard Dobbs, NCBlount, William, NCWilliamson, Hugh, NCJenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas, MDKing, Rufus, MAGorham, Nathaniel, MADayton, Jonathan, NJCarroll, Daniel, MDFew, William, GABaldwin, Abraham, GALangdon, John, NHGilman, Nicholas, NHLivingston, William, NJPaterson, William, NJMifflin, Thomas, PAClymer, George, PAFitzSimons, Thomas, PAIngersoll, Jared, PABedford, Gunning, Jr., DEBrearley, David, NJDickinson, John, DEBlair, John, VABroom, Jacob, DEJackson, William, Secretar

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