South America

What is the continent of Andes mountain?

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The Andes are the chief mountain system of which continent?

the Andes are the chief mountain system of which continent? Africa

Why Andes are often reffered to as the backbone of the continent?

the Andes of a mountain

On which continent can the Andes mountain be found?

the Andes mountains are in south America

What continent are they Andes found?

The Andes is the name given to the mountain range that lies in the continent of South America.

What is the continent and the country of the mountain aconcaqua?

The Andes Mountain Range in Asia

What continent does the Andes mountain belong to?

South America

What continent Andes fold mountain in?

South America.

What continent are the Andes mountains found in?

The Andes mountain range is lofated in South America.

What continent the Andes mountain located?

The Andes are located in South America. They have alot of lamas there

How far south of the continent do Andes mountains reach?

Tierra del Fuego is the farthest part of the Andes mountain on the continent of South America.

What mountain range runs the length of the continent?

The Andes of South America.

The Andes mountain range can be found in which continent?

South America

What is the mountain range in south America?

The AndesThe AndesAndes.Andesthe Andes mountain

What is the continent with the worlds largest rainforst and longest mountain chain?

South Americas has the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains. The Andes is the longest continuous mountain range on dry land.

What is a logical sentence using each of these words Andes South America Continent Range Colombia Chile and Mountain?

The Andes Mountain Range goes from Colombia to Chile in South America.

The worlds longest mountain chain above sea level is on which continent?

South America, the Andes

What continent do alpacas live on?

Alpacas come from the Altiplano region of the Andes Mountain in South America.

What continent is Mount Chimborazo in?

It is an inactive volcano in the Cordillero Occidental range of the Andes and the highest mountain in Ecuador

What continent has the longest mountain range?

The Andes is the world's longest mountain chain, which is about 4,350 miles long. The chain stretches from north to south through seven countries in the South American continent.

Where is the mountain range Andes?

The Andes mountain range is in South America.

Is the Andes mountain folded?

Yes, the Andes Mountain was formed by folding.

What is a major mountain range in south America?

A major mountain range in South America is the Andes Mountains. The Andes Mountains run the entire length of the continent from north to south on the west coast of South America.

On which continent are the andes?

South AmericaThe Andes are a mountain range in western South America.The Andes Mountains spread along the west coast of South America, through countries like Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.

Is the Andes mountain range bigger than the rocky mountain range?


Why are the Himalaya Mountains higher than the Andes Mountains?

The Himalayas are formed from a continent to continent collision which causes a massive thickening and uplift of the collision zone. The Andes are formed from an oceanic to continental collision, where one crust (the oceanic) subducts under the other. Continent to continent collisions produce the highest mountain ranges.

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