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Asia is the continent and Japan is a country in Asia.

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How many continents does Japan have in it?

Japan does not have any continents in it. It is a country and it is in the continent of Asia.

What continents is Japan in?

Japan is a country in Asia.

What continent is south of Japan?

Australia and Antarctica are continents south of Japan.

What is a continent that belongs to Japan?

The question is asked backwards. Japan is a country of the Asian continent (Asia). No continents "belong" to Japan.

What continents are Italy India japan located?

Italy is in Europe and India and Japan i believe is in Asia

In which continents are Italy India and Japan located?

Italy is in Europe, India and Japan are both in Asia.

What continent does karate come from china or japan?

China and Japan are not continents but countries. They are both located in the continent of Asia. However, karate comes from Japan.

How wide did the tsunami in japan hit?

cos Japanese are ebil and it hit all continents and countries.

Are elephants native to japan?

Elephants are only native to two continents - Africa and Asia. There have never been elephants in Japan, other than those in captivity. Fossil mammoths have been found in Japan however.

Which are continents Australia Scotland Canada Ireland Japan Delhi?

Of the list given, only Australia is a continent (as well as a country).

Which two continents are Italy India and Japan located on?

They are in Eurasia, or more commonly Europe and Asia. Italy = southern Europe India = southern Asia Japan = off the coast of eastern Asia

On what continents are Italy India and Japan located?

They are in Eurasia, or more commonly Europe and Asia. Italy = southern Europe India = southern Asia Japan = off the coast of eastern Asia

What is the hemisphere of Japan?

Japan is in the Northeastern Hemisphere if you are looking at a Euro-centric map.EDIT: This answer is inaccurate, as there is no such thing as the Northeastern Hemisphere, nor is it a result of Euro-centric maps (the cardinal directions and orientation of the continents is independent of Euro-centrism).Japan is in the Northern Hemisphere.

What is the Koppen-Geiger classification for Japan?

The Koppen-Geiger classification for Japan is Cfa. It has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers without a dry season, found on the eastern side of continents, with hot and sultry summers.

Who can be affected by an earthquake?

Anyone can; even people continents away can be affected by really strong earthquakes. Japan had an earthquake and a tsunami that caused a tsunami in Hawaii.

What is Japan on the border of?

It is on the northeast border of the Pacific Ocean, on the so-called "Ring of Fire" created by the subduction of oceanic crust along the borders of continents.

Why does Japan get earthqukes?

Japan gets earthquakes because it sits very close to three different regions, known as plates. These plates move in different directions which causes Japan to shake ie get earthquakes. Try checking this website for a picture http://www.ecology.com/archived-links/continents/index.html

How manny continents are there?

There are 7 continents.

How many continents are there in there?

Well, originally there are 5 continents. However, counting Oceania and Antarctica make it 7 continents.

Where in Asia is the ring of fire?

The ring of fire is the ring of islands and continents around the pacific ocean. In Asia this would mean the east coast like Indonesia and Japan.

What moves continents?

Continents are basically floating.

Which continents have mountains?

There are mountains on all continents.

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