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What is the coolant capacity for a 1989 LeBaron 2 point 5 Turbo 4 cylinder?


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The coolant capacity is 9.0 quarts app. Be careful to purge the cooling system on this motor bcause if it has any air in the system at all after flushing or replacing a substantial amount of coolant the motor will very easily overheat which could cause serious damage. There is a bleed valve on the thermostat housing to aid in removing (purging) air from the system. Run the engine until the car is at operating temperature and the thermostat is open then open the bleeder valve some on the thermostat housing. It may spit and hiss some while air is coming out and when there is just coolant and no more air close the valve and top off with more coolant to the recovery tank. Please remember the need to be very careful when working with any hot coolant that is under pressure.


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