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What is the coolant capacity of a 99 Chevy Lumina 3.1L?


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12.5 quarts


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there are 3 in the front and 3 in the back of the motor near the fire wall

The best way to find out is go to your local auto parts store, ask for a haynes or chiltons manual on your vehicle. This will tell you everything you need to know about working on your vehicle.

All O2 sensors are located on the exhaust system. Start at the exhaust manifold and work your way backward, and count them.

Does it have a miss? check plugs and wires. Also a possibility of a bad throttle position sensor.

31L is 310 deciliters.

depends on the age and quality

I have a 92 lumina with a 3.1 and I found the crank sensor to be located on the passenger side of the engine in the back of the engine NOT on the side of the engine below the knock sensor. Hello, in my experience, all O2 sensors are located in the exhaust just after the manifold. It appears easy enough to change. If it is the crank position sensor you are looking for, take a look around the main pulley at the bottom of the engine, you may see a square-ish component located close to the actual pulley wheel, this would be the crank position sensor, it should have wires connected to it.

Unfortunatly you haven't alot of choices for the alt. your vehicle is equipped with a CS130D 100A factory #10480119 or 10480071, GM only produced CS103D's up to 105 Amp, I would suggest as a licensed mechanic and alt rebuilder, your better bet is to get a battery that has a longer reserve capacity. Just remember an alternator is not a battery charger , its actually designed and meant to maintain the battery ."

No, I just recently was on a CRJ-900 that took off 31L.

You can remove the throttle body. It is then so much easier to get to the bolts for the thermostat housing.

123456 is the firing order from the GM HAYNES REPAIR MANUEL

The best way to find out is go to your local auto parts store, ask for a haynes or chiltons manual on your vehicle. This will tell you everything you need to know about working on your vehicle. It is a delicate job, make sure nothing falls into the motor & use the proper torque specs & sequence on your bolts otherwise you will crack or warp the aluminum manifolds.

Runway 13R/31L = 14,572 ft 13L/31R = 10,000 ft 4L/22R = 11,351 ft 4R/22L = 8,400 ft

This is a real pain to diagnose on the GM cars. In your case I'd start by replacing the coolant sensor. It may not be showing correctly and it's fairly inexpensive. Perhaps that will fix it. I'm wrestling with an issue myself that I haven't figured out. The fan comes on when I unplug the coolant sensor....which it is supposed to do. It comes on with the A/C, and it comes on when I check the codes...all things it's supposed to do. But it won't come on when the car gets hot enough to overheat.....and it's had two brand new sensors put in. Hope you have better luck than I've had.

The original runways (that I know of) are: 1L 7L 31R (8000ft at the time) 31L (9500ft) 1R (Closed in the 50s) 7R (Closed in the 60s) 4 (8000ft now 4L, 1949) 4R (Added 1959)

Try to prime the vehicle. 3.1L are very picky about their fuel presure. Do the following. Put your key in the ignition, turn to the RUN position, without starting, you should hear you fuel pump kick in. Turn it back off, and do it again.. do this 5-7 times. What this is doing is Priming your vehicle, removing the air from the lines, and rebuilding the presure in your fuel rail and injectors. When your vehicle starts, it may shake horribly, and might kill. Prime 1-3 more times, then re-start, and you should be golden. ;)

the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank witch is located under the car in front of the rear axel. fairly easy to replace. if u can take it apart u can put it back together

the torque converter clutch soelinoid needs to be replaced.your computer should have a trouble code.(tcc.error-###) it is labor intensive repair and should be serviced by seasoned mechanic.

This is the Length to Weight Ratio ie: (Balance Point). Example: A 31L /21oz would be 31 inches long and 21 ounces in weight. The higher the negative number the lighter the bat is (for quicker bat speed).

if you can get a book on your vehicle. There may just be some "trick" that you can not see. GM has some very stange things that must be done in order to do something that seems unrelated. ie. taking the front tires off of some of their vehicles to remove the spark plug on some v-8 motors. hope it helps. duboff Thanks but I have both volumes 1992 Lumina car. They dont list any thing else other than unbolt it and remove it you found out from a local mechanic that if it won't come out you have to push it out from inside. I was told to put alot of penetrating fluid to it and keep working it. There is an O ring on the sensor and most likely dried up. Also told if you break it you have to push it threw into the oil pan to remove it. Hope this helps.

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