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What is the coolest guitar?

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dean razorback

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What is the coolest guitar ever?

air guitar

Who invented Guitar Hero metallica?

The coolest dude in the universe

Coolest guitar pick pendant?

CHECK OUT WWW.PICKBAY.COM Yes. It is the most versatile accessory i have ever owned, and you always have a guitar pick with you!

What is the coolest instrument?

The trumpet. Well I editor of this message did a survey around town. It was the guitar that won.

What is the best kirk hammett guitar to buy?

i think a wave caster is the coolest but you might have to custom make it

What is the Coolest game console?

the xbox 360 i pwn at guitar hero. add me steelydanfourth that is my xbox live account

Are they making a weezer guitar hero?

i hope they do but they probably wont. i love weezer there one of the coolest bands ever =w=

Which is the coolest song to play on a guitar?

The answer would depend on your choice of music, but in my opinion I would say The Edge by Theodore Ziras.

What is an umbreon?

it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee it is the coolest evelotions of eevee

What is the coolest possible creation of a person in sims 2?

well the coolest possible sim is when u get the coolest hair, the coolest shirt, and deffinetly have the coolest jeans

What is the coolest?

The coolest is the Lamborgini gallardo

Who is the coolest kid at monrad?

The coolest kid in Monrad changes from year to year. The kid who was the coolest last year, may not be considered the coolest kid this year. Everyone kid has the potential to be the coolest.

What instruments are there in a rock band?

A electric guitar,drums and maybe a electric Harijs Vinovskis the guy who tottally rules. Iam the coolest person on earth.

Who is packie?

Only the coolest person ever and is friends with this famous guitar player Cindy, who has like mad skills on everything unlike some girl lucero

What is the coolest flame?

The coolest flame is RED

How do you spell coolest?

Coolest is the correct spelling.

Who is the coolest ninja in the world?

The coolest ninja in the world is Oprah. The coolest ninja in the world is Oprah.

What is the coolest letter?

letter C is the coolest letter

Who is Macy Harsch?

The coolest person!!! The coolest person!!!

Coolest layer of the Earth?

The crust is by far the coolest.

What is the color of the coolest star?

The coolest stars are red.

What is the coolest origami?

It depend, it can be the coolest to you, but unexiting to others

How do you use coolest in a sentence?

i went to DISNEY WORLD and saw the coolest rideWednesday morning was the coolest this week

Who won regional qualifier for American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas?

jack is the coolest coolest coolest coolest name in the world just saying and drew won the qualifier

Coolest layer of earth?

The coolest layer of the Earth is the crust.

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