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you should mix antifreeze half and half with clean water and fill radiator to full, then add to cold line in the overflow tank

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Q: What is the cooling system refill procedure for a 1991 Olds?
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Where can you find an engine cooling system diagram for a 1991 Ford F-150?

go to the forms for ford or try eBay ...

What can be wrong if a 1991 Bonneville has no heat?

Most common causes are: Low on water in the cooling system, Stopped up heater core,

Will a 1991 s10 4.3 cooling fan blade fit a 2.8 1991?

yeah i did it

Where do you refill transmission fluid in 1991 Acura Integra?

Usually thru the dipstick hole!

What causes a 91 subaru impreza to overheat?

A 1991 Subaru Impreza might overheat because of a leaking cooling system or because of a damaged thermostat. You might also have a damaged or leaking radiator or a cooling fan that is not working.

Where is the cooling fan relay located in 1991 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

The 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass cooling fan relay switch can be found attached to the right side of the radiator housing. The cooling fan relay switch should be labeled as such.

How do you refill the refrigerant for the ac system on a 1991 Cadillac Seville?

By taking it to a professional who has the skill, knowledge, and proper tools to perform this service. Also if it is low of refrigrant, then it has a leak. Adding refrigerant to a system with a leak without repairing the leak is illegal.

What is the name of the sensor that screws into the thermostat housing for a 1991 Honda accord ex?

The sensor on the thermostat housing is a cooling fan switch. Cooling fan switch closes the circuit to engage the cooling fan(s) when the optimum temperature is reached. When not replaced, cooling system fans will either remain continually "on" or not function causing the engine to overheat, internal engine damage and/or temperature light illumination.

What is the procedure for replacing a 1991 dodge caravan timing belt?

See Link

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

For 1991 Camry Automatic Transmission: 2VZ-FE engine (V6), dry fill: 6.2 qt, drain and refill: up to 2.6 3S-FE engine (4 Cylinders), dry fill: 5.9 qt, drain and refill: up to 2.6 All-trac/4WD, dry fill: 7.4 qt, drain and refill: up to 3.5

What does FE3 on a 1991 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme stand for?

Its a suspension package... sportier suspension basically, with better brakes and a better cooling system too i think. This is right from a service manual. RPO code FE3 stands for Sport Suspension System

You ran your 1991 Honda civic out of gas and now it wont run What could it be?

you need to refill it and also need to check the oil

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