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What is the correct alingment for the timing on a 94 S10 pick-up?


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2011-09-14 09:04:49
2011-09-14 09:04:49

depends on if your taking about cam timing or ignition timing and what Jim

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Is the S10 a 4x4?If not, measure everything and if it is correct Go for it

I don't think the timing is adjustable. I drive a '98 s10 with the 2.2l, and mine has a distributorless system GM started using; it uses ignition coils, and the timing is automatically adjusted by the computer.

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This should use a crank sensor- so the timing is controlled by the computer and no adjustment provisions are there.

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The payload for the 1985 Chevy S10 pickup is between 1000 and 1500 pounds depending on the exact model. The S10 is the smallest of the Chevrolet pickup series.

The Chevrolet S10 doesn't have a timing belt.

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1998 S10 pickup truck come with a 18.5 gas tank.

The 97 S10 2.2L engine doesn't have a timing belt.

There is no timing adjustment, The computer controlls the timing.

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The 02 Chevy S10 with a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder does not have a timing belt.

i have a 1999 stepside s10 and they are 205/75/r15

No. Air bags were introduced on the 1995 S10 Chevrolets.

You can't,they have a crankshaft position sensor which sends the location of the crank to the computer, the timing is then electronically adjusted by the computer also taking into account engine rpm, temp,air density,throttle position etc.Thats what peformance chips alter to produce more h.p. . L. Keedy

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