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What is the correct firing sequence for vauxhall astra 1995 n reg 1.4 hi torque?


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2007-01-06 23:05:56
2007-01-06 23:05:56

i also wish to know for a l reg merit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi need the torque setting for a Vauxhall zaferia 1.6 head

the correct torque for cylinder head bolt of kia pregio 2.7 diesel is 130-135ft-lbs.

Torque sequence of what. Heads, wheels, etc.

torque sequence on what part? more info needed

what is the head torque sequence for a 1991 pathfinder

There is no torque sequence just torque rocker arm studs to the proper torque

what are the torque specs and sequence for a 1992 Nissan maxima manifold

Torque specifications are different from motor to motor. These specifications state how tightly the head bots are to be installed. Correct torque insure that the head gasket is sealed properly and correct torque sequence insures that the head itself is not warped in the installation process. Refer to a engine repair manual (Chilton's, Hayne's, etc.) for your vehicle/motor for the correct specs and torqueing sequence. You can usuall find these manuals at your local auto parts store. Hope this helps. has manuals u can download with the info u need

What is the Cylinder Torque sequence 2000 Pontiac Montana 3.4V6

the torque is 70 ft. lbs., but as far as I know there isn't a torque sequence.

For the 3.9 head bolts (streach bolts) only use new bolts and follow this sequence: Tighten to 20nm in correct sequence. Then tighten each bolt 90 deg turn in correct sequence. Wait 15 minutes. Then tighten each bolt a further 90 deg turn in correct sequence. Done.

most shop manuals have these specs in them. also, most head gasket manufacturers put the torque specs on the package. make sure you torque the bolts in the correct sequence also.

Head Torque sequence Step 1: torque to 50 Ft/Lbs Step 2: torque to 105 Ft/Lbs recheck final torque in sequence.

Torquing the '87 Cabrio cylinder head is a three-step operation. Using the correct 12-point socket and - most importantly, following the correct tightening sequence - torque the head bolts to 30 ft/lbs. Next, go back over the bolts in the same sequence and snug them to 44 ft/lbs. A final torque sequence requires all head bolts to be tightened an additional 1/2 turn. Also suggest you invest in both the Robert Bentley and Haynes service manuals for your vehicle. All specifications, torque values and, where necessary, the correct sequence of tightening, are provided.

torque settings for a vauxhall 1.7 td clinder head

This link will take you to the Fel-Pro publication that shows not only the torque specs but the torque sequence. The 4.9 is listed on page 29 of the pdf as "298 OHV (4.5)" which is a typo, but the numbers are correct. The page for the sequence is on the same table. Make sure to ONLY torque the 1,3,4 bolts on the final step or you may strip out the threads.

I assume you mean for the small cab over truck. there are way to many things that have a torque sequence to answer this question

in sequence torque bolts to 20nm, then again in sequence turn a futher 120 degrees, and again in sequence 120 degrees.

Remove the intake and exhaust manifolds. Remove the head. Torque the head and manifolds to the correct torque and sequence, you will need a repair manual for this.

Head torque sequence for a 2002 3800

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