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What is the correct golf swing plane?

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2011-09-14 09:05:00

There is plane 1 and plane 2 swing. Plane 2 is the one that

is mostly used by everyone, but now the professionals changed it to

plane 1 because it's better. In plane 2 you only use your arms and

when you do then you barely get any power to hit the ball. What do

you think is stronger, pushing a box with only your arms or with

your whole body power? The body power is a lot stronger. So what

I'm saying is that plane 1 NEVER worries about arms. You have to

pretend you don't have arms and all you do is rotate your hips back

and forth. I'm 13 years old and I have been doing this swing since

I was 8 even though I started playing golf when i was five. This

swing is fantastic. It is completely round like a forty five degree

circle and it all ends up right on the ball. There isn't a correct

golf swing; both are correct but plane 1 is so easy to do and so

powerful. If you do plane 2 then you will have to many things in

your mind that will mess you. Plane 2 is all about timing, you have

to have the PERFECT swing just so you can hit a good shot. You will

get too many things going on in you mind. Jim Hardy invented the

First plane and now every professionals is doing plane 1, even

Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa. Do plane 1 swing and you will see

that it is the best swing you will ever do in your life. So to do

it just PRETEND you arms are cut off and that you can only use your

hips and chest. Just rotate it back and forth. Your probably

thinking that this swing wont work because it's round and since the

face of the club is going in a circle you will either slice it or

hook it. THAT HAPPENS WITH THE PLANE 2 SWING. Why do you think some

people with plane 2 swing aren't improving. It's pure luck that

they hit the ball. So on Plane 1 swing, since the shoulders are

attached to your chest and your arms are attached to you shoulders

then it will all go with the flow on your swing. The best type of

exercise for plane 1 swing is a workout on the abs. Pumping iron is

not so important but keeps the swing balanced. It wouldn't be right

if you had tight, muscled abs and one of the most sluggishly

looking arms ever right? It's really hard to find a coach that does

1 plane, (most coaches I have talked to doesn't even know what that

is?!... and most coaches didn't even know there is two swings and

which one they are teaching now. It's quite an enormous challenge

to find one, it's like a needle in a haystack.) I know a famous

golf coach in Texas and there is this guy that lives in Florida. He

flys about two to four times a year just to have a one hour class

with ONE OF THE BEST 1 plane teachers. (sorry, I wouldn't like to

say the name cause people will have a few questions which I wont

want to answer on who and where she lives.)

But seriously, just rotate your body through like crazy and

people will look at you as if you a pro, (just like they look at

me!) I shoot right now low eighties from the whites and WoW I'm so

close to seventies,(YAY) I think that's pretty good for someone my

age and with a good golf swing, it's not perfect yet, it's still

improving (handicap 10). My goal is to get to the LPGA with this



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