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Q: What is the correct grammar for the following sentence the sun shined behind the stars?
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How do you use brighter in a sentence?

"The sun began to shine much brighter after it moved out from behind the clouds."

What is a sentence using the word vanish?

I still don't understand how an object can be seen to vanish. With a quick flourish of his hand and a puff of smoke from behind the handkerchief, the magician made the rabbit vanish.

How do you use zodiac in a sentence?

1) Zodiac is a diagram of animals for sun-sign and moon-sign. 2) There is an scientific reason behind all this zodiac sign. 3) My zodiac sign is Leo.

Why does moon follow us when you drive?

The moon does not actually follow you unless you are driving West. What happens is that the moon is so far away that it gives the illusion that that it is following you because it remains in one place and does not dissappear behind you.

How parallax introduces errors in reading analog meters?

You get parallax errors with analogue meters if you don't align your eye so that it is perpendicular to the pointer. When this happens the pointer can appear to line up with the wrong mark on the scale. The further your point of view is away from the perpendicular, the greater the error. The potential for errors can be reduced by minimizing the gap between the pointer and the scale or better still fitting a mirror behind the pointer so that it is in the same plane as the scale. The mirror assists the viewer find the correct point of view, since in this condition (correct point of view) the reflection of the pointer will be hidden behind the pointer.

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Which of the following is the correct revision of the sentence below Every time you drive out their you miss the last turn because its hidden behind those trees?

Everytime* you drive out there* you miss the last turn because it's* hidden behind those trees.

Is the grammar correct in 'way too different for the one who leaves rather than for the one who was left behind'?

Try, "much different for the one who leaves than for the one who was left behind."

How do you use cackling in a sentence?

Bob was following behind, cackling and laughing in a shrill way just like a hyena.

How do you want the answers?

Answers should be as informationally correct as possible. It's also good if you check your spelling and re-read your answer to be sure it is understandable. If you do have spelling and grammar errors, that's okay; someone will come along behind you and correct them.

While walking up behind him is this modifier dangling or correct?

Impossible to determine whether it is dangling without the rest of the sentence.

What is the main subject and verb of the following sentence If you go below the house and hide behind the furnace maybe you will be unharmed? will be unharmed...

How do you make a sentence with behind?


Can a semi follow behind a car at the same speed?

This happens all the time, allowing that the semi truck maintains the correct following distance there is no problem.

How do you spell behind the secens?

The correct spelling is "behind the scenes"

Is behind an adverb or preposition in this sentence She looked behind?


What are the science behind biomass?

If I ignore your horrible grammar, I think you're asking what biomass is/means... correct? Biomass is the dry mass of a once living organism. So biomass is the mass of an organism minus the weight of the water in/on the organism.

Behind the door is a complete sentence.?

"Behind the door" could be a complete sentence, like in the answer to a question asking where something was.