What is the correct height of a gas hot water heater installed in a garage?

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THE PHCC recommends 24 "
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What is causing the hot water to be reddish if you installed a new gas hot water heater in 2004?

Answer #2 \n. \nInsofar as the unit is only two years old, it is not likely the rust or sediment is coming from the corroding interior of your unit. It's getting in there

Can a gas water heater be installed in a bathroom?

\n. \n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nyes\nthere are direct vent gas water heater available\n. \n Answer \n. \nAbsolutely NOT… maybe… sort-of… but not necessaril

How do you install gas water heater vent?

Answer . [Note: There are critical safety concerns involved here. Read the whole answer!] . I'm no plumber, but I do know this:. You need to determine if your water heate

Why does our gas hot water heater have insufficient hot water?

There are a few possibilities. One is that the water heater is not large enough for the demand put on it. Another is that it is not turned up high enough. Another is that your

What height shouuld a gas or oil filled water heater in the garage be?

mate im a gas fitter in aus and the rules are quite complexed because of the following reasons if LPG water heater any leak combined with the ignition point of the car can be

How do you install a thermocouple for a gas water heater?

Most thermocouples are held in place at the pilot light by pushing them into a clip that grabs it on both sides. The control end is held in place by a nut that the shaft of th

Why does the water in your natural gas hot water heater not get hot?

you have a question that can have many different answers . here is a list I would check first to your problem. 1. is your pilot light out or if a forced air WH is it plugged i
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How much is it to install a gas hot water heater?

A straightforward swap of a like make and model from the existing model, if all the parts,valves, strapping, are in good condition and the codes are met. A licensed plumber in