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difficulty : below average Time allowed: 1 hour Tools needed : Socket set, Screwdrive flat head, Large Pliers, Wrenchs THE RADIATOR on the 1990 Cadillac deville is actually easy to remove. First make sure the car is completely cooled off. You do not want to ever open a radiator cap if the car is hot!!!!!! This can be extremely dangerous if done. So First open the hood of your car, then look at the front under the hood where the hood latches when you close it. You Will see a black cover around it. You will need to remove all the screws in it and remove it first. Next after you have removed the top radiator cover you will need to unscrew the fans there is only a few screws on the top to remove and three on the bottom to remove, you will also have to unscrew the hose on the air conditoner from the radiator, its only attached with a screw and is not actually hooked up to the radiator, it is just a way to hold the hose in place to insure it doesn't hit the fans. Now once you have unscrewed all the screws from the fans you will need to look in the middle of the fan, on the right, and unhook the electrical connector from it. This is very simply done by looking closely at the connector, you will see the piece where it is fasetend, take a flat head screwdriver and push it loose with it. Then the fan on the left has a connector also on it but it is coming from the fan you just unhooked. Now that you have it all unhooked. you can pull the right fan out first. After you have the right fan out take the left fan and move it over to the spot the first fan was in and then pull it up and out. Next there is the top hose to take off. use the large pliers to open the clamp and just pull it off. Next look at both sides of the radiator there are plastic tanks on both sides. those tanks have two metal hoses on both tanks remove all those and then take off the bottom black water hose, just as you took off the one on top and the radiator should come out.

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Q: What is the correct method for removing and installing a 1990 Cadillac De Ville radiator?
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