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There are two ways of applying blusher, depending on the effect you would like to achieve by applying it. The two reasons people wear blusher usually are:

  • To lessen the definition of your cheek bones. If you have very protruding cheek bones and sunken cheeks, and you would like to create a more well rounded effect on your cheeks, the blusher should be applied very subtly onto the apple of your cheek (smile if you don't know where it is in order to locate it) and up along the cheek bone, fading out toward your ear.
  • To give your cheek bones more definition. If you have round cheeks and would like to create definition suck in your cheeks and apply a small amount of blusher underneath the cheek bone, and possibly a highlighter along the cheek bone to create maximum shadow and definition.

If neither of these effects is what you're hoping to achieve, then blusher should not be applied, as there is no standard procedure, unless you are willing to experiment for a while with it and see how well it works with your skin tone and the shaping of your cheeks.

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Q: What is the correct procedure to apply blush on your face?
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How to Use Blush to Flatter Your Face Shape?

If your face is round or heart shaped, apply blush in a V shape, starting at your cheekbones and ending at your ears. Those with square faces should also add blush to the chin. For a square face, apply blush to your cheekbones and sweep it to your temples. Then apply blush to the forehead. If your face is a long rectangle, sweep blush to the outer corners of your eyes rather than your temples. Long, thin faces look best with blush on the apples of the cheeks. If your face is oval, simply apply to the cheekbones and sweep outward, stopping short of the ears.

How do you put on blusher?

Apply with a brush. start with a little bit an then apply more if needed. dont overwhelm your face with blush just to save time, the more precise you are the better it will look. when you get some blush on your brush, tap off the excess an then use whats on your brush an apply to the shape you desire. if you have a round face then apply on top of the cheek bones an not on the apples. if you dont have a chubby face then apply it on the apples

How do I apply blush so that it looks natural?

In order to apply blush to look natural, first you should have a large size brush with soft bristols. Then choose a blush that is not too vibrant for your skin tone, suck your cheeks in to make the 'fish face' and apply with a sweeping motion onto the apples of your cheek.

How do you get my face to appear rounder?

To make your face appear less ovular, apply blush in a circular motion to just the apples of your cheeks.

What is the cheapest Blush Brush on Clinique website?

The cheapest Blush Brush for sale on the Clinique webpage is priced at å£17.00. The brush claims to help deposit the correct amount of blush to the face area.

Is blush or bronzer applied first?

blush, bronzer should go on last, after everything elseAnswerThere are no rules to makeup. In fact I apply the bronzer first to myself and to clients as a contour and then blend it out with blush below the cheekbones and then blend that out with the highlight color. But whatever technique works to give you the affect you want is what you should do. Try both of our suggestions and see which works for you. Good luck and have fun!Answer>> Both bronzer and blush are meant to add color to your face. Women with fair or pale skin prefer using blush to brighten up their face, while those with naturally tanned skin get better results from bronzer. However, many women use both blush and bronzer. Which one you apply first depends on your choice, but many makeup artists recommend dabbing bronzer on your nose, forehead, and chin before you apply blush. You can choose from loose powder blush, cream blush, blush sticks, etc.Honestly, if you really want your blush or bronzer to show up, then you must apply last. Foundation always goes on first, then your eyeshadow, then your eyeliner, then your mascara, then your blush. Do you want your cheekbones to look high and your cheeks to look full of color? Then apply blush after you apply your foundation, and powder.

Why do you blush when you are embarrassed?

when you blush, your face does nothing but smile it smiles in such a manner that it makes your cheeks red and ultimately makes you blush.

What to say to a guy after he says he likes you?

Blush.. :3 .. (blush face) .. lol, then tell him how you feel

Why do you get real red in the face?

u blush

What is the correct CPT procedure code for shaving a three-centimeter lesion on the patient's face?


What does it feel like to blush?

your face get all hot and usually when you blush, people will let you know and will want to know why

How do you apply textures to objects in Second Life?

A Texture can be dragged from the inventory directly onto the face of an object this is done by left clicking on the texture. This procedure will only apply the texture to one face of the object. To apply a texture to the entire object it is necessary to open the properties of the object and drag the texture directly into it. This will apply the texture to every face.

How do you use the word 'blush' in a sentence?

(to blush means to become red in the face, especially from modesty, embarrassment, or shame)"When called on to answer a question, he would blush with embarrassment."(as a noun, blush is also used to mean a red or rosy color)"He was awake at the first blush of dawn."

How can I apply face makeup like a pro?

I always start with an foundation for a smooth even tone and then I apply the eye shadow and then a mascara one that make my eyes pop. Finish off with a blush and lip gloss and your are ready for the town.

How should you apply foundation?

You will need: * Mouisteriser * Your colour skin tone foundation * Bronzer * Blush * Mascara * Lipstick * Lipgloss * Eye shadow * Eyeliner # Gently apply the mouisteriser to a clean oil free face, gently massaging in until it is not visable # Apply foundation to the face smoothing out so all lines look natural and rubbed in # Grab a brush and brozer and lightly dust the brozer over face giving your face a darker fuller effect # Blush is optional, if you want your checkbones to stand out the lightly dust the blush over your checkbones...whatever you do, no NOT smile # Apply whatever colour eye shadow to the top of your eye with either your finger or small brush # Apply your eyeliner to the bottom lid of your eye just so it outlines can either do it on the inside of your lid or outside. (the inside makes your eyes look smaller) # Apply a small amout of lipstick and a light layer of lipgloss over the top # Brush on some mascarra to the top and bottom eyelids! For more information go to GOOGLE!

Why do people blush when they feel embarrassed?

Because you feel nervous and that makes your blood boil and your face turns red as a result. This is what we call a blush.

Why do girls blush?

Everyone's caused by a rush of blood to your face.

Is blush considered a face powder?

no, blush is most certainly not a face powder it is used to either add colour to pale cheeks or to add definition to the cheekbones...anybody who tells u that it is,is a jerko...really now!!

What is the best way to 'bloom your face'?

the best way to bloom your self is to put blush the best way to bloom your self is to put blush

What does it mean when you blush around your ex boyfriend and you don't like then no more and you moved on?

Blush is the sudden reddening of the face (as from embarrassment or guilt or shame or modesty).

How do you say blush in Japanese?

赤面 (sekimen) is "blushing face", but "to blush" in Japanese is equivalent with "to redden" and that is 赤くなる (akakunaru).

Did tails blush around cosmo?

yes. yup when he was having face-face with her! and I don't like it one bit!

What do i have to apply to my face at night?

apply a milk by massaging on face before sleeping.

What is blush used for?

Blush is primarily used to add a bit of color to one's cheeks. The intent behind it is to add a youthful glow of health to one's face.

What are fan makeup brushes used for?

It's not really a necessary brush in your collection, however when you apply eyeshadow, you'll notice some colours are quite pigmented so they'll fall onto your face; in which you can then use the fan brush to 'sweep' the extra colour off your face.You can use it to apply blush if you wish, but I'd recommend using a proper blush brush for that, as the fan brush might be too spread out, and less controlled.Otherwise, use it how you like! Hope I've helped,xoxo.