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If you are going to change the belt, go to Auto Zone or another parts store and get a manual on your car. It will show you how to do it. cam gear has a notch and a bump which points toward top and sort of lines up with belt cover back plate. crank has a key which lines up to a arrow shaped tab also on the top side of that gear on engine. as for the tensioner belt adjuster, the manual isn't too clear on proper adjustment. good luck

The FSM only that is the factory service manual don't trust any other as the do not always include TSB Technical Service Bulletins. Do not guess unless you have lots of available cash. Check out look for jerrys kick-fix link. He is a Suzuki Tech and he has saved me tons of money.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-05 23:15:23
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Q: What is the correct setting for a timing belt on a 1993 Geo Tracker?
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