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The timing should be set to Top Dead Center (TDC), but you must disconnect the electronic spark advance feature. Unfortunately, I don't know how to disconnect the spark advance.

The timing chain is all that can be set. There is no way to set the timing as the distributor is not adjustable.

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Q: What is the correct setting for the timing on a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice with a 5.7 L engine?
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Where is the location of the starter on a 87 Chevrolet Caprice?

The 1987 Chevrolet Caprice starter can be found on the right hand side of the engine. The starter will be at the back of the engine, near the bottom.

Can you drop a 1996 Chevrolet LT4 engine into an 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Classic?

yes you can use a 1996 lt4 engine into a 1989 Caprice Classic, and its easy. you can mail me at:

What engine does a 1992 caprice classic have?

The 92 Chevrolet Caprice Classic comes equipped with a 5.0/ 305 c.i.d. engine

Where is the knock sensor on a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice?

it is located on the side of the engine block.

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Chevrolet caprice sedan automatic 1969?

170 hp is the power of the Chevrolet caprice sedan automatic 1969 engine and its maximum speed is 169 km/h (105 mph).

Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Chevrolet caprice sedan automatic 1972?

250 bhp (253 PS/186 kW) is the power of the Chevrolet caprice sedan automatic 1972 engine and its maximum speed is 93 mph.

What was the engine color for the small block 350 in a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic?


Where is the horn on a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice?

the horns are located in the engine compartment behind the air filter

What is original tire size for 1975 caprice classic?

The 1975 Chevrolet Caprice came offered in the 5.7L, 6.6L and 7.4L engine sizes. The original tire size for the Caprice was HR78-15.

What is the order for spark plug wires on cap for 1987 Chevrolet Caprice 305 engine?

Need to know what year and engine size.

On a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice what would the engine to die when the air conditioning is turned on?

The compressor is probably froze up.

What motor came in the 1989 Chevrolet caprice classic?

Should be an 305ci. V8, some also were equipped with a 350ci. engine.

Where do you find the spark plugs on a 91 caprice?

There are four spark plugs on each side of your 1991 Chevrolet engine. The spark plugs will be near the bottom of the engine.

How do you do a transmission flush on a 1987 Chevrolet caprice with a 305 engine?

Lol u take 2 aamco and pay for it 2 be purged

What type of engine is in a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice?

5.0 liter 170 h.p. V8. They also came with some 6 cylinder and also a 5.7L (350CID) engine

What is the firing orderon a1985 Chevy Caprice distributor cap?

You didn't specify what engine, 4, 6, 8? Anyway in an 8cyl Chevrolet engine, 18436572 jr

Where do you pour the power steering fluid in a 1987 Chevrolet caprice?

It is located below and almost behind your air conditioning pump. get a flashlight and give it a good look, you'll find it. This is if your Caprice has a 5.0L engine.

What would cause the engine to die when you press on the brake of a 94 caprice?

There can be several causes that the engine will die when you press on the break of your 1994 Chevrolet Caprice. The most prevalent cause is restricted fuel flow. The engine can get enough gas to run when the accelerator is depressed but not enough fuel when you apply the brake.

Does it cost a lot of money to change the rings on a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Police Package?

You will be looking at an engine overhaul which can cost $2,500 to $3,000.

Check engine light code P0400 on a 96 Chevrolet caprice?

Trouble code P0400 means:Exhaust gas recirculation flow malfunction

What is the correct setting for a Chevy lumina 92 z34 3.1 engine v 6?


What is the correct Spark plug setting on a 1989 Z24 engine?


What size engine is in a 92 caprice?

The 1992 Chevrolet Caprice came with three different engines that year. The 4.3 L L99 V8, the 5.0 L L03 V8, and the 5.7 L L05 V8. The 1994 Caprice also came with the 5.7 L V8 called the LT1 which was a Corvette engine. This was the choice of many police departments. This engine was not available in the 1992 model.

What is the contact distributor points setting for a 1989 350 marine Chevrolet engine?

30 degrees dwell

Where is the windshield wiper motor located in a 96 Caprice and does it have anything to do with the heat-ac fan motor?

The 1996 Chevrolet Caprice windshield wiper motor can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. It should not have anything the do with the fan motors.