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There is no definite answer to that. The book will probably say 10* BTDC but I get the best performance and no pinging at 15-16*. I think the book is usually pretty conservative. This sounds old school, but you will get the best results by timing it to best idle, then backing it off a hair at a time if it starts hard.

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Q: What is the correct timing for the MSD Ignition System on a Jeep J10 360 4bbl?
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What is the set timing for a 1985 Chevy Camaro V8 305 4bbl?

8 degrees.

What is the timing degree setting for a 1970 318 4bbl engine?

1970!!! Geez... "0" degrees I think. Better call your local auto parts dealer and ask to be sure.

What is ths set timing for 1978 Chevy 400 4bbl?

stock timing on a 400 small block Chevy 2/4 bbl engine is 4 degrees btdc. depending on how the engine is built however, i.e. rebuilt to stock or built for performance, the timing may be up to 8 degrees plus or minus tdc or more depending on valve timing and cam timing.

1977 Chevy truck with a 350cid engine and a 4bbl Eldelbrock carburetor The engine will run fine for a while and then just quit It will turn over but not start what can you do to fix the prob?

Check these things first. Is fuel filter stoped up ?? Is it running out of fuel ??Ignition module in the distributor is a common problem with the HEI / High energy ignition system. It will work for awhile and then stop when it gets hot.

What is the horsepower rating on an Olds 350 rocket?

It depends on the year of the engine. here are some examples. Year . Carb Type HP Torque 1968 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1968 4BBL 300@4800 390@3600 1968 4BBL 310@4800 390@3600 1969 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1969 4BBL 310@4800 390@3200 1969 4BBL 325@5400 360@3600 1970 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1970 4BBL 310@4800 390@3200 1970 4BBL 325@5400 360@3600 1971 2BBL 240@4200 350@2400 1971 4BBL 260@4600 360@3200 1972 2BBL 175@4000 295@2600 1972 4BBL 200@4400 300@3200 1973 2BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1973 4BBL 180@3800 275@2800 1974 2BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1974 4BBL 200@4200 300@3200 1975 4BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1976 4BBL 170@3800 275@2400

What is the horsepower of the 1986 trans am?

Either 170 hp w/5.0L 4bbl, 190 hp w/5.0L 4bbl H.O., or 205 w/305 TPI.

You have 1969 396 reman engine new carb timing set pops through carb not all the time?

I have a 1969 el camino 396 ss new holly 4bbl, timing set correctly, and sometimes gives a pop thru carb. please tell me the items to check over.

Is the 1986 Camaro carborated?

The base 305 had a 4bbl carburetor

How much hp 389 gto?

Depends on the year and the induction system. In 1964 389 4bbl was rated at 325Hp 389 tripower was 348hp. In 1965 ratings were raised to 335 for the 4bbl and 360 for the tri power. Of course all these were "gross" rating which cannot directly be compared to the sae net ratings listed from 1972 forward.

Where can you get a vacuum diagram for 75 nova with a quadrajet 4bbl?

checker auto store

What is the horsepower of a 1980 Buick regal 3.8?

150KM (2bbl) 170KM (4bbl)

What carburetor came on an 84 ford f 150 with a 5.8l 4bbl?

2 barrel

What motor does a 1977 elcamino ss have in it?

The largest engine that year was the 350-4bbl V8.

What are the specs of a 383 on a 69 Coronet?

If it's a 4bbl. it's a magnum 383 and it has 335 horse.

Is there a 4bbl intake for 87 350 without redrilling?

yes. contact the parts supplier of your choice.

Distributor setting for 1979 dodge 318?

Timing on this truck according to the manual is 12 deg. before top dead center. This includes both manual and auto transmissions, light duty application. 4bbl heavy duty application is 2 deg. after top dead center.

How much hp in a 1984 cutlass supreme with 307 4bbl?

140 B.HP with torque upwards to 200.

How much horsepower does a 307have with 4bbl and dual exhaust?

The most it would have is 215 HP @ 4800 RPMs.

What is the vacuum line diagram on a 1970 Oldsmobile 350 engine with a rochester 4bbl carb?

The diagram is in your left sock.

How much horsepower does a 4.9 Liter V8 Firebird have?

2bbl 301s had 130 hp, 4bbl 301 had 150

How much horsepower does a truck Chevy 400 4bbl have?

most of those engines were either 265 or 325 hp.

Did 1987 z28 come carberated?

It could have a 5.0L 305 4bbl V8, so yes it's possible.

What gear ratio is in a 1979 Monte Carlo 305 4bbl engine?

Most likely a 2.29:1 ratio

1982 Chevy Caprice 305 engine horsepower?

I have an 82' impala wagon and the factory 305 4bbl that is in it is rated at 145hp.

How much horsepower in a 1974 dodge charger 318 stock with a 4bbl carburrtor?

Around 150 HP depending on the condition.