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What is the correct timing on a Ford 360 motor?

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10 deg. BTC if it an automatic and 6 Deg. BTC if manual trans.

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How do you time a 360 ford?

Ignition timing or valve timing?

What are the timing specs for 69 ford 360?

Answer deleted

How should the timing marks line up on a 1969 Ford 360?

The timing marks on a 1969 Ford 360 should line up between the timing chain and the cam sprocket. This sets the initial timing which can later be adjusted using a timing light.

What is the timing for a 1968 Ford F100 with a 360 V8?


What temperature is the thermostat in a 360 Ford motor?


What is the correct timing order for a 1974 Chrysler 360?

the correct firing order is 18436572 have fun

Did Chevy make a 360 motor.?

I'm about 100% sure Chevy did not. The 360 engine was a ford engine.

What is the firing order for a 1974 Ford truck with a 360 motor?


What is the timing spec for a 1974 Plymouth 360 motor?

see a chiltons repair manual from the library.

What is the correct timing for a 1976 Dodge 360 engine?

it should be 4 degrees before btc

How do you find motor size on 1972 ford f-600?

It can have either a 360 or 390 V8. Most likely a 360.

Timing advance clockwise or counterclockwise Ford 460?

Gose counterclockwise on 302-360-390 and 460.

Is a ford 5.9 v8 a gas motor?

Yes , the old Ford 360 cubic inch ( 5.9 liter ) V8 engine is a gasoline engine

Where is the number 1 cylinder on 360 motor?

The Ford 360 cylinders are numbered : firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front

What engine will fit in a 1970 ford 250 camper special It has a 360 now.does it have to be a 1970 motor?

You can use another 360, a 390, or a 428. Have fun! It does not need to be a 70' motor, a 390' would be a logical choice for many reasons.

Where is the fuel pump 90 Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

I have an 89 with the 360 motor. The mechanical fuel pump is on the drivers side of the timing chain cover below the distributor. If you have a 360 it should be in the same place. good luck

For 1976 ford truck motor size by VIN number vin f10yna75927?

I hope this is correct : F - 100 2 wheel drive 360 cubic inch V8 / 2 barrel carburetor manufactured in Norfold Virginia in November 1975

Will a c-6 ford transmission off a 460 ford motor fit on a 390 ford motor?

No it won't. The only transmission that will fit a 390 is one off of 360 or 352. The 390 is a FE block it has a round shaped housing. The 460 Bellhousing fits the 429 351M and 400. All the Ford FE engines: 332, 352, 360, 361, 390, 391, 406, 427, 428 and 534 V-8's will fit the 390

What is the correct timing for a 1979 dodge 360 engine?

I've heard from a long time mechanic that at the altitude I live at, almost 7500 feet, that one should run 4 degrees advance. Seems to work really well. According to my Chilton's book on 1979 360 engines, Dodge, the timing is 4 degrees BTDC.

What would cause a 99 2500 360 gas motor to just die on the innerstate?

Could be a broken timing chain. Could be a cooked Engine Control Module. I'd guess the timing chain first. ECMs usually give some warning.

What isn the base timing on a 01 dodge ram 360?

Base timing is set to 0 deg with a scan tool. You can not do this with a timing light.

What is the timing for a 1991 Dodge 360?

10 deg BTDC

What is the ignition timing for 1986 dodge truck 5.9 360?

I did not get a answer

What cu in is a 5.9 dodge motor?


Is motor apocalypse for xbox 360?

Yes it is

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