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What is the correct timing setting for a 1990 Lexus LS 400?


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2007-07-24 14:10:34
2007-07-24 14:10:34

Correct timing setting is very easy to set, but one cannot tell you what you must set it to, especially if you want to fine tune it. Because it varies between countries due to ultitude and sea level conditions. Best possible answer would be to put it back to what you manual says i.e 10degrees for an example

Timing is set by aligning the timing belt marks with the cam shaft sprockets and the crank pulley.


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whats the correct timing mark for a 1990 dodge ram pickup 318

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I have a 1990 LS400 and I have never heard of a timing reset button. The timing is set by the timing belt and controlled by the computer. Let me know if you find out there is such a thing. vbd

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I have a 1990 and factory setting for base timing is 10 degrees, I believe.

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The correct timing for that is 10'btdc. but you must short out diagnostics with a paper clip. The correct plugs to short and the timing is on a label located on the inside of your hood. you must short this out to get proper timing so the timing won't advance. i hope that helps. i have a 1990 4 runner as well.

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