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Dextron or Mercon III is what the 4L60E transmission take. Use only that..

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2007-03-22 21:27:27
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Q: What is the correct transmission fluid to use in a 99' Chevy silverado you ask because you just had your transmission flushed and the price for transmission fluid was 19.98 that seems a little cheap?
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If the transmission fluid has not been flushed by 70000 miles should I have it flushed?

Yes it should be!

Do you have to have the transmission flushed at a dealer when changing the transmission fluid?

No, Fluid, filter, and gasket

Why does your transmission slip when it is hot you have a 97 blazer?

Change your transmission filter and have the trans flushed.

Why no heat on 1990 silverado heater core I've changed control and thermostat.?

Have you flushed the heater core?

Is it correct to change transmission fluids and air condition fluids on a 2004 Corolla with 100000 miles your husband thinks you do not have to change them?

Yes, your fluids should be flushed every so often.

What if you accidentally pour transmission fluid into the brake fluid?

Have it cleaned out and flushed immediately

Should I have the transmission flushed or only change the fluid?

The best way is to have the tranny flushed in order to get all the fluid out of the valve body and the torque converter.

Will the transmission fluid of the radiator be drained when you drain the fluid on the transmission?

Most of the ATF will remain in the trans cooler and lines unless you have the transmission force flushed by a trans shop.

What signs will a car have to indicate that transmission needs to be flushed?

transmission oil will be dirty, blckish and more than likely smell like it is burned

How often does a cars transmission need to be flushed?

Car transmissions should be flushed at least once every two years, that's what most car manufactures say and mechanics

How can i remove water from a 1991 s10 automatic transmission?

Have the vehicle towed to a transmission shop to be flushed and serviced.

What could be wrong if transmission fluid is black?

Transmission fluid is burnt. I recommend taking it to a transmission shop to have it flushed and your transmission checked for any damage such as worn bands, worn clutch or torque converter

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