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The use of apostrophes in last names is no different from their use in any other word. If you are referring to a house to belong to a family named "Smith," the sign would read "The Future Home of the Smiths." No apostrophe: it is merely a plural noun. If the phrase were "The Smiths' Home," that apostrophe is correct because you're using the plural possessive: the house belongs to more than one Smith. People who write things like "The Smith's" are incorrect (as was the previous answer to this question). General Point If you indicate possession by using of you musn't also use 's or s'.

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What is correct use of the apostrophe for a sign that reads The Jakob's?

The apostrophe is in the correct place in the title "The Jakob's".

What is the correct use of the apostrophe for a sign that reads The Jones?

Theoretically it should go at the end The Jones' - However - Words ending in just an apostrophe and nothing else usually have it removed.

Where do an apostrophe belong on a sign that reads Mrs Lewis Homepage?


What is the correct use of an apostrophe for a sign that reads Sticcos the last name is Sticco established 1999?

STICCO'S Established 1999 Because it's Mr/Miss Sticco's business.

Is it's a possesive pronoun?

"It's" is a contraction for "it is'. The possessive pronoun is written "its" (no apostrophe).The best way to decide which word to use is to try using "it is" instead. If the sentence still reads correctly then use "it's" (with the apostrophe. If it doesn't make sense with "it is" and the sentence implies possession, use "its" (no apostrophe). For example, which is correct?The dog ate it's dinner.The dog ate its dinner.If you change "it's" to "it is" the first sentence becomes "The dog ate it is dinner.", which is gibberish. Also the sentence implies that the dinner belongs to the dog. Therefore the second version, with no apostrophe, is correct.

What is the correct use of the apostrophe in a sign that reads Weaver's vineyards?

If it means one weaver's vineyards then it would be Weaver's Vineyards, but if it was multiple weavers then it would be Weavers' Vineyards. Or if it was just Weavers as a name, it would be Weavers Vineyards.

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What is the correct use of the apostrophe for a sign that reads welcome to the Martins?

The correct usage would be "Welcome to the Martin's" Just for your info: If you are trying to describe something as belonging to the family "The Martin's" that is how you use it. It would be "Martins'" only if a "Martin" was a singular thing and several "martins" are owning something...for instance: "The Martins' bodies were green"...hope that helps.

Is this a correct possessive noun sentence. The houses' furniture was simple.?

If it is a single house, then the sentence is incorrect. If house is singular, the apostrophe should go before the s, with the sentence reading "The house's furniture was simple." The way the sentence reads now, it suggests plural houses.

How do you put my wife reads the New York times each morning in correct capitalization?

My wife reads the New York Times each morning.

What is the proper noun from this enjoy listening to Sophies stories when she reads them to the class?

The proper noun is Sophie's, a possessive proper noun (without the apostrophe, the word Sophies is the plural form for Sophie, two or more Sophies; the possessive form with the apostrophe means the stories of Sophie).

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How should guests be spelled in the case of a sign that reads Guests rubbish only?

If it means that only guests are allowed to deposit rubbish, then put an apostrophe at the end of guests: "Guests' rubbish only."

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