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What is the cost of a bundle of roofing shingles?

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Depends on where you are at and what grade of shingles. Topeka, Ks, USA the cheap ones are $14.95 at the moment.

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How much does a bundle of shingles cost?

A bundle of shingles will cost around 30 dollars a pack. This depends on the quality of shingles that you are buying.

What is the square footage in one bundle of roofing shingles?

A bundle of regular 3-tab shingles will cover 33 1/3 square feet. A bundle of some dimensional shingles will only cover 25 square feet.

How much roofing comes in a bundle?

If you are ordering a 20 or 25 year shingle (and some 30 year shingles) then the answer is .33 sq or 33 sq ft of roofing per bundle. If you are getting a better quality of roofing material, then you should get 4 bundles per square or .25 sq per bundle or 25 sq ft of shingles per bundle.

How many bundles of roofing shingles to cover 300 square feet?

9 bundles assuming std. 3 bundle/sq. shingles

Roofing bundle square?

Depending on the shingles your using it can vary drastically but in roofing or I'm sure other terms a square is 100 square feet

How much do asphalt shingles cost?

23$ plus/ bundle

A bundle of roofing shingles slides off a roof and is falling to the ground As it falls what kind of energy does it possess?

Kinetic and potential

How many square feet in a bundle of roofing shingles?

33 1/3 sqft -------- Depends on the brand of shingles. About one bundle per sheet (4'x8') of plywood. some 50 yr shingles use 1 1/4 bundles per sheet.

How many shingles in a bundle?

26 shingles in a bundle of three tab asphalt shingles

How much are money is a bundle of shingles?

they are 25$ a bundle of shingles

How many roofing nails per bundle of shingles?

It takes four nails per shingle. There are 63 shingles per standard bundle. That means 252 nails per bundle. In high wind areas, more will be needed. Some use five nails on the starter row.

How many bundles of roofing shingles will cover 405 square feet?

33 square feet per bundle. 13 bundles

How much does each bundle of roofing shingles weigh?

It depends on the type of shingle.Standard 20 year 3 tabs weigh just over 70 lb per bundle.

Why is sand on roofing shingles?

Sand is used on roofing shingles to keep the individual shingles from sticking to each other during storage.

What is a square of roofing shingles?

1 square of roofing shingles is 3 bundles of shingles equaling 63 shingles per square.

How manyPieces of roofing in square?

There are 21 shingles to a bundle and 3 bundles covers a 10 by 10 ft area. a basic rule is a bundle covers a sheet of plywood, then add some for valleys.

How much does a bundle of shingles weigh?

The average bundle of shingles weighs 70 pounds.

How many square feet in a bundle of asphalt shingles?

25. Four bundles to a square. A square is 100sq feet, If your using some of the heavier roofing, most shingles are 3 bundles per. square.

What is a bundle of shingles?

Shingles are flat pieces used to tover roofs with. A bundle is just a stack of them.

How many square feet does a bundle of roofing shingles cover?

About 32 square feet. An easy way to remember this is 1 bundle is needed for every 4' x 8' sheet of plywood on your roof. (roughly)

How many bundles of ar shingles cover a square?

A 'bundle' is an arbitrary amount - Usually we talk about 'squares' in roofing. One 'square' is 100 square feet

How do i know that roofing shingles by my builder is safe for its use?

Not sure what you are asking, but I do know you should make sure the ones you get have the algecide to keep the shingles from staining and discoloring. It is well worth the extra dollar or two per bundle.

How much roofing will it take to cover 480 sq ft?

Each bundle of rooring shingles covers about 33 sq ft. 480 / 33 = 14.54545 bundles. so you need to buy 15 bundles of shingles.

How many square feet will a roll of roofing shingles cover?

One package of roofing shingles covers 33 square feet.

I am looking for roofing shingles or asphalt shingles?

or fiberglass ? Depends where you live, determines what shingles to use.