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What is the cost of a quart of milk in 2007?


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$3.39 to $5.00 at the very least

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The cost of a quart of milk will depend on the location and the brand of milk. On average, a quart of milk will cost around 1.70.

the cost of a quart of milk in 1895 was 10 cents

A quart of milk cost 10.5 cents in 1917.

In Canada, about $3.96

How much did milk cost in 2007? no answer it!

25 cent for a quart of milk

In 1990, a quart of milk cost 85 cents. A loaf of bread was 1.37 dollars.

The average cost of milk in 2007 was approximately $1.99 for 2 litres.

The average cost for a quart of milk in 2002 was 1.49.00 and 2.49 for a gallon. The average cost for a dozen eggs was .89.

In 1895, most people had their own cows or goats for milk. For those who had to buy milk, it typically cost around $0.10 in 1895.

A quart of milk is about $3.96 in my grocery.

one gallon of milk is bigger then one quart of milk one quart of milk is 1/4 the size of a gallon

In 1950, the cost for milk was $0.82 for a two quart bottle. Milk was either delivered right to the home or could be purchased in a store.

there are 32 oz in a quart of milk.

A quart of milk is one fourth of a gallon.

A quart of milk in 1909 cost 8 cents. So, I would imagine, a gallon cost 32 cents.

When I was a little girl in Ontario Canada, I was sent to the local dairy to buy a quart of milk - cost 19 cents. That was also the cost of a loaf of bread sliced or unsliced. In Britain it was about 1/6d (7 or 8 new pence).

In July of 2014, the average price of a quart of milk was about 1.50 dollars. A gallon was a little over 4 dollars. Some types of milk are more expensive than others.

32 grams of protein in a quart of milk.

Depends on the shop, economy of country you are located in and the area you shop. However if you go find out the full price of the milk (I don't know what currency you use so I'll use numbers) If the full gallon of milk costs 10, the quart of the milk will cost 2.5 2.5 is got from dividing the 10 by 4

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