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Scaffold PiercingBefore reading this question, I had never heard or read the word scaffold in that context. The three most prominent dictionaries do not provide an entry or sense of the word meaning the upper part of the outer ear. Fascinating. I learn something new every day.

Figure 40 to 50 bucks per ear.


A scaffold is the same as an industrial (so i was told when i recently had my industrial piercing done). And mine was £40 (GBP).

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Should you get a scaffold piercing or just a cartilage piercing?


What is the bar earring for your cartlidge called?

The barbell earring that goes on the upper part of your cartilage is called an "industrial" piercing, but some people also call it a "scaffold" piercing.

How long does it take a scaffold piercing to heal?

Your professional body piercer should have told you that you can expect to wait 8 to 10 weeks for a light heal and over a year for the piercing to season up and be considered a healed piercing.

How much does back piercing cost?

You're piercing your back?

Is it possible for your ears to be TOO SMALL to get an industrial or scaffold piercing?

No, it is not possible. you would just require a smaller barbell than the average human.

What length barbell should a scaffold piercing be pierced with?

The scaffold or industrial piercing jewelry's length would depend on how wide the ear or area to be pierced....There is no set demands on it as everybody ear is different...One thing for sure, you will want enough room to move the jewelry back and forth just a tad....If if is too short it will be uncomfortable....Hope this helps.

How much does a cheek piercing cost?

Check with your local piercing parlor?

How much does a piercing cost at Claire's?

I believe the piercing itself is free

What is the average cost of snakebites?

The only way to know how much your piercing will cost is to contact your piercing studio and ask them.

How much does one piercing cost?

It depends on where you want the piercing and or which shop you get it pierced in :)

How much does a cartilage piercing cost?

mine cost $40

How much does a single ear piercing cost at Claire's in the UK?

piercing is free, but the earrings and supply can cost around $20-$40.

How much does a jacob's ladder piercing cost?

around 70dollars each piercing where i live

How much does a ear piercing cost?

It depends on where you go. Normally, in a mall, they ask for you to just buy the piercing studs and the "piercing" is free.

How much a belly button piercing cost?

In the UK a bellч button piercing is 25 pound.

How much does a belly button piercing cost in Oklahoma?

That would vary based on the piercing shop.

Will a scaffold piercing affect the chances of engerneering jobs?

It may. But they're pretty common so you may be able to get away with it. Or you could just leave it naked at work.

Should you get a scaffold piercing if you have long hair and worried about healing time?

I have long hair and a scaffold piercing..for the first week or so just make sure to clean it regularly. Also if you are worried about getting it tangled up, for the first week or until it is healed, wear your hair up or to the other side. Just to keep you comfortable.. and try not to lay on that side when you sleep! So yes, I would say go for it. :)

How much does a nose piercing cost?

it depends where you are

Cost for a lip piercing?

$45 - $60.

What does a septum piercing cost?

The general cost of a septum piercing can be somewhere between 40 to 70 bucks. Depends on which studio you go to, as prices defer...

What is the antonym of scaffold?

scaffold is a noun so there is no antonym.

What are the 3 types of scaffolding?

1.Cantilever scaffold 2.Suspended scaffold 3.Single pole scaffold

How much does a nose piercing cost at Irish ink?

Either call or go to the piercing shop and ask?

How much does a double piercing cost at Claire's?

From what I know, the actual piercing at Claire's is free, so the only cost is usually the price of the earrings. It may be different with double piercing, though I doubt it. Try giving them a call?