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What is the cost of brain surgery?

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Brain surgery is expensive but it depends on a lot of factors such as complications after surgery and how long your hospital stay is. I had brain surgery in November of 2006 but I had complications that left my left side weaker than my right and was required to have extensive therapy and over a month and half hospital stay. Over all, my bills have reached close to $750,000 or more. That is not including prescription costs since my surgery.

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What is the cost of acoustic neuroma brain surgery?

Actual cost of acoustic neuroma surgery

What is the cost of brain aneurysm surgery?

The US cost in 1992 was around $20K.

How much does brain surgery cost in the U.S?

This varies greatly depending upon the type of surgery that is done. There are dozens and dozens of different neurosurgical procedures on the brain.

How much for brain surgery?

Hi this is MathShooter, It will cost a lot for a brain surgery. I think its in the Thousands or Millions to do one. P.S.Gabriel Gippers had one... Cya Later, MathShooter

Did Justin bieber have brain surgery?

NO he didnt have brain surgery

What is the most common brain surgery?

A craniotomy is a type of brain surgery. It is the most commonly performed surgery for brain tumor removal

What is cranial surgery?

Surgery of the Brain is called cranial surgery

Does surgery remove brain tumors?

Surgery is the treatment of choice for accessible brain tumors

Is neurology the scientific word for brain surgery?

No, neurology is the study of the brain. Brain surgery would also be known as neurosurgery.

Can brain surgery cause hair loss?

No this is not correct as when they are going to undergo a brain surgery they have to be bald, but all grow their hair after the surgery.

When was Brain Salad Surgery created?

Brain Salad Surgery was created on -19-09-06.

Is brain surgery deadly?

In most cases, patients do survive brain surgery, because brain surgeons know what they are doing. There is some risk, however. You would not want to get brain surgery unless it was really necessary.

What is the cost of decompression surgery?

The cost of decompression surgery will vary from on place to another and depending on the specific type of surgery. The cost of spinal decompression surgery will cost about $500 on average.

Which is more risky heart surgery or brain surgery?

Brain surgery is more riskier it is just my hunch my gut feelilngs surgeons can transplant a heart but to date cannot transplant a brain.

What is the cost for a cystocele surgery?

What is the cost of Cystocele and rectocele surgery

Brain surgeon facts?

a person who does brain surgery

Did beenerkeekee have brain surgery?

He had his brain stem operated on.

How many people have brain surgery?

People with brain cancer or Have tumors in their brain

What is the cost of scoliosis surgery?

cost of scoliosis surgery is 65000$ to 75000$

Why does brain surgery take twenty hours?

Because Brain surgery is very complex and intricate. Theres a ton of cells, nerves and everything else.. Would you really like them to do brain surgery on you in under an hour?

Is brain surgery more competitive than a heart surgery?

yes it is

How can one train to do brain tumor surgery?

For an individual to train for the task of brain tumor surgery they must first earn a medical license as well as the right to do basic surgery. Only after taking multiple specialized courses can an individual be trained for brain tumor surgery.

How much cost perineum surgery?

how much is cost perineum repair surgery

Brain surgery in WW1?


What does Neurosurgery mean?

brain surgery