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What is the cost of cruise for two to Alaska?


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April 22, 2011 1:14PM

That really depends on when you cruise, which cruise line you use, and what category of cabin you have. In reverse order, an inside cabin will cost less than an ocean view cabin, which in turn is less than a balcony cabin, and a suite will have the highest price. For Alaska, I recommend a balcony cabin. This way you can sit on the balcony to watch the scenery as you sail by. If it gets too chilly for you, you can just step inside for a few minutes to warm up. An inside cabin obviously offers no view at all. An ocean view cabin has a more limited view. In either case, you'll end up on the deck to watch, and the wind up there is stronger than in a sheltered balcony, so you will get colder faster.

Which cruise line you use affects the prices as well. Disney is now doing some Alaska cruises and is probably the highest price of the major cruise lines sailing there. Holland America, Princess, and Royal Caribbean are in the next tier, with Carnival and Norwegian in the lowest tier. If you are sailing a round-trip from Seattle or Vancouver, you will only go as far north as Glacier Bay, and most any of the lines will do a decent job. The best way to see Alaska is via a cruisetour. This is a 7-day cruise northbound from Seattle/Vancouver to Anchorage/Whittier/Seward followed by a land tour that takes you to Denali National Park and other locations. You then fly home from either Anchorage or Fairbanks. Holland America and Princess have been doing these longer than anyone and are the recognized experts, though Royal Caribbean has excellent cruisetours as well. You can also do these in reverse by doing the land tour first, and then a 7-day southbound cruise.

The time of year also affects the price. The Alaska cruise season runs from late April/early May to mid September. Pricing at the beginning and end of the season is less than in June through August. That is simply because of the weather. It is warmer during the summer and that's when people want to travel. Because of the increased demand, the cruise lines can and do raise their prices.

For a more exact answer to your question, contact a Travel Agent and give them the particulars of your cruise request.