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What is the cost of divorcing a prison inmate in Wisconsin?

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The procedure for divorcing an incarcerated spouse is the same as it would be if said spouse were not imprisoned. That being the case, the expense depends upon who the filing spouse chooses to be their attorney. There are no provisions for state assistance or a discount in legal fees based on a spouse being incarcerated. There are legal organizations that can assist in the dissolution of marriage process based on what the petitioner can afford.

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How much does it cost to keep an inmate in prison in Canada?

It costs roughly around $62 a day. Depending on the type of prison and the crime the inmate did, the cost may be different for each.

How much does it cost to run a prison?

I believe it's about $30,000 per inmate a year.

How much does it cost for a prison to kill an inmate in the electric chair?

$69 each use

How do you send a wedding ring to an inmate in prison?

* You can send the ring by 'post' and put insurance on it (does not cost a lot) and address to the prison. Whoever checks the mail in the prison before the particular inmate gets their mail will receive it during mail call.

How much does it cost to keep an inmate in maximum security prison?

$50,000-$130,000 per year

How much does it cost for an inmate?

To keep an inmate in county jail or prison for a year it costs between 45 to 55 thousand. I served 4 years believe me. And that was in Texas

How much do it cost for an inmate in a Ohio state prison to file for a divorce?

are you in Ohio prison right now or is your husband in Ohio state prison? He is in prison, I live in California, where we were married 25 years ago.

The cost for a divorce for a prison inmate?

If your spouse is willing and you don't have children, debts and so on, a boilerplate divorce will not cost much beyond getting the divorce recorded. Your ex may be able to expedite matters. ++ answer++ the inmate can get ahold of a pauper's affidavid he can ask to file at no cost.

What is the average cost of inmate per year in prison in Washington state?

According to the National Institute of Corrections the cost per inmate in Washington per year is $37,303, compared to the national average of $28,689. These figures are from 2009 and have likely increased around 5% at least.

How much does it cost to divorce a inmate in prison in Georgia?

If the spouse is in jail, a no fault divorce can be obtained. There will be some special procedures to serving the person his papers.

How much money to house a federal inmate?

cost to house a federal inmate

How much does it cost to house an inmate in Indiana for year?

How much does it cost to house an inmate in the state of Indiana for one year?

Can a prison inmate in Florida file for divorce without going to courtwhat about the cost of the divorcehow can he pay?

The inmate has to ask for a law clerk to first draw up the papers, be sure to include an "indignet" (not sure on spelling) paper. The divorce papers and the other form are then submitted to the clerk of the court in the county in which that inmate is residing ( for instance if he were at Polk C.I. he'd send them to Bartow). I believe the fee is $1.00. I know for a spouse to file to divorce an inmate the cost is a dollar.

What is the yearly cost of housing a death row inmate in South Carolina?

The average yearly cost to house a death row inmate in South Carolina is $90,000. It all depends on the specific needs of the inmate.

How much does it cost to transfer plates in Wisconsin?

it cost about 170 in wisconsin for tite and plate transfers.

How much money does it cost to keep someone in prison for a year in Canada?

The average annual cost of maintaining a single female federal offender is $343,810. Maintaining a male inmate in a maximum security prison costs $223,687. These figures, which represent the 2008-2009 fiscal year, were released in a report from the Parliamentary Budget Office

How much does it cost to get married to an inmate monroe county jail?

There are several counties with the name Monroe in the United States. In the Monroe county, TN jail, the cost for an inmate to marry will be the cost of the license and preacher.

What is the cost of life imprisonment per inmate?

Slightly over $22,000 on average a year. There are many factors that can change this however ranging from medical treatment and location. So if the inmate dies of natural causes in prison the money spent to try to keep them alive is much more than the average.

How much it cost to drive from Wisconsin to New York?

it would cost about 300 dollars to drive from Wisconsin to New york.

What does Michigan spend per year on an inmate?

According to the 2008 statistic from the below website the annual cost per inmate in Michigan, is $34,025.

What is the cost of death row?

23,000 per year for each inmate

What is the yearly cost for housing a death row inmate in Texas?

Not sure about Texas, but it is over two hundred forty thousand, nationally. That does include guard's pay and other prison staff and support, but still a hefty tag.

How much does it cost to take motorcycle safety course in wisconsin?

It cost around $300 to take a motorcycle safety course in Wisconsin.

What is the cost of encarseration in the USA?

The average is about $40,000 per year, per inmate.

How much does a flight from Wisconsin to Florida cost?


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