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The cost will surely vary from one country to another. Look at your electricity bill, and divide the total cost by the number of kWh you have been charged. That will give you the cost per kWh.

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How do you work out the cost of waste energy?

To figure out the cost of waste energy you take the cost of the energy put into it and subtract the cost of what you got out of it. Whatever the answer is to that is the cost of the wasted energy.

What is the energy cost of mining gold?

The energy cost of gold is 88,184,905

Name of energy which is wasted energy?

higher engery cost

What is the cost of nuclear energy compered to solar energy?


What is the cost of geothermal energy?

The cost of geothermal energy can be extremely low depending on how you approach the use of this free renewable energy. Geothermal energy is heat contained within the earth, and there are a number of ways in which we can use this energy.

How much will energy cost in 2324?

it will cost like 1000 dallars

What is the cost of solar energy?

a lot

Is cost a concern about nuclear energy?


What does hydrogen cost to make energy or what percent of it does it cost to make energy?

about $200 billion altogether 2 make a hydrogen car or $145 billion to just make the energy.

What does it cost to build with solar energy?

it cost three thousand five hundred it cost this much because

What is the cost of wind energy?

it is very expensive so noone knows what the cost is

What is one cost of using renewable energy resources?

You need energy to survive

Does hydro energy cost less then nuclear energy?

Yes much less

Why does the wizard101 pet dance game sometimes cost 2 energy and sometimes 4?

depending on your pet level if your pet is a baby it will cost two energy if your pet is teen it will cost 4

Is energy efficiency being affordable?

Efficiency in terms of energy means accomplishing processes with less energy, ideally the least energy required, with a minimum of waste. Ordinarily, this means that the cost of producing energy is less. However, some methods of efficiently producing and using energy are not the cheapest in terms of the other costs involved: some would cost more to implement, and more to maintain, such as low-resistance shielded transmission lines, which could cost vastly more initially than cheaper ones and cost more to maintain and repair. It would be energy efficient but not cost efficient.

Cost of solar energy?


Cost of renewable energy?

$100 billion

What is the cost of using water energy?

its free

Is gas energy cost effective?


What is the cost of using tidal energy?

who give's

How much does it cost to use chemical energy?

There is no fixed cost. It depends on a wide variety of factors. What chemical energy. How rapidly Where Under what conditions Etc.

Is Solar Power energy the best energy?

it is better as it is renuable and it doesnt cost anything to get the energy as it comes from the sun

How much does it cost to run Watts?

The cost of energy use is determined by Your "Tariff multiplied by Kilowatts used ". the energy supply bill can provide the cost per kilowatt . Then you can calculate the cost of one watt used - (kilowatts used divided by cost inc tax) = cost per ONE Kilowatt The divide that cost by 100- = cost per watt.

How much does solar energy cost?

Solar energy is free. It costs money to build an installation to harvest this energy. So there is no straight forward answer to this question since it depends on the cost of the installation and the energy that is being replaced (electrical, heat etc.).

How much does a source of energy cost to build?

The cost of an energy source varies considerably. It depends upon how much energy you want, as well as the type of energy generation you want; solar power and diesel power have different costs, for example.