What is the cost of step 20 insurance in ma?

Hi. Don't know when the question was posted (may be a good idea to date them), but here goes... Massachusetts doesn't have a Step 20. Steps start at 15 and go down to 9, one step for each year of 'safe' driving. They do it backwards so they can pretend they're not charging you. Instead of taking your premium and adding $ for each ticket or accident, they charge everyone a high amount, and then give 'discounts' based on how many steps you are below 15. Each step has a 7% effect on the compulsory rates, and a 5% effect on collision. In other words, they take away your discounts. For the first ticket, they love to say there's no surcharge. But they take away your 'discount' (1 point's worth) so you're paying more anyway. This lasts for 6 long years. If you get another ticket for anything within that time, then you get surcharges as well as losing your discount. Probably costs you $350 per year for six years. Minor violation (speeding), 2 points. Minor at-fault accident (under $2k), 3 points. Major at-fault (above $2k) 4 points, Major traffic law violation (OUI, etc) 5 points.