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A part of that cost is the loss of a very large healthy tree from a shrinking virgin forest that, in this day and age, should be considered priceless.

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prolly like 1M

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How much does the white house Christmas decorations cost?


How much did the first white house Christmas tree cost?

I believe it was donated.

What is the total cost for Christmas decorations for the average American family?

the cost is maybe over 3million dollars.

Where do I buy pictures of Christmas decorations?

Pictures of christmas decorations can be found online at places such as kodak and etsy. It doesn't cost anything to print them or you could take them to a local store and have them printed for you.

where can I find the best quality of christmas angels decorations?

For personalized decorations, find all your angel and Christmas decor at Or you can try the Home Shopping Network for beautiful, high quality Christmas items at a reasonable cost.

Are outdoor Christmas decorations a must?

Outdoor christmas decorations are not a must by any means. They do make the holidays more fun and exciting and they are fun to look at. They also cost money and they are expensive to operate.

Do you think it will be funner and cheaper to use printable christmas decorations?

Printing your own Christmas decorations can be fun and economical. As to whether or not you will save money, there are many factors involved. Christmas decorations can be very inexpensive at dollar stores such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree. But if you plan on making a great number of decorations, it would be cost effective to make your own.

Where can I find discounted Christmas decorations?

The most cost effective Christmas decorations are those that you make yourself. I'd recommend checking on Youtube for some great videos on how to create your own from simple things like Christmas cards and pine cones.

How much does the White House Christmas tree cost?

The main Christmas Tree in the Blue Room does not cost a dime, as the Grand Champion farm donates the tree and the shipping/hauling costs. HaydenT

Where can one purchase animated Christmas decorations?

Animated Christmas decorations are something that are not normally sold in store in smaller places and so a specialist store will be required such as Hamleys. It is also possible to buy online but then there is the shipping charge to be factored in to the cost.

What does White House say trip to India will cost?

Due to a lack in transparency the White House will not estimate the cost.

Are there websites available that offer decorations for Christmas and Halloween from the same store?

There are websites available that offer decorations for Christmas and Halloween. I'd recommend looking on sites such as or for some really cost effective, tasteful items. They also have a really nice selection to choose from.

How much does a tour in the White House cost?

ALL white house tours are free of charge.

How much does it cost to get in the white house?


Does decorating for halloween cost a lot of money?

You don't have to waste a lot of money just for decorating. Making your own decorations is a great way to save money and a fun experience. You can also use some Christmas lights to lighten up the dark. "Value Village" offers a lot of cheap second hand decorations for your house.

How much does a tour cost in the White House?

It is always free to take a tour around the white house.

Who pays for the extravagant White House Christmas decorations every year?

The naive, the idealists and the politicians will tell you that it is paid for by private supporters or committees or boosters, but all that means is that enough tax leeches circumvented the Constitution again and figured out a way to make money while donating money and, in he long run, the cost is still, as always, passed on to the taxpayers.

How much does it cost to get a tour of the White House?

its free

What is the replacement cost to rebuild the WHITE HOUSE?


How much will it cost to go to the white house?


Where can I find a variety of Christmas angels decorations at a good cost?

My favorite angel Christmas decoration was purchased at Hallmark, the greeting card store. You may also be able to find different kinds at Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

What was the cost of 2 train tickets to New York in the film White Christmas?


What was the cost of decorations on the titanic?

the cost of a room was $4,000. The cost of would be about 1,000 dollars for the decorations of a room. They did not have anything under standerds. The only stuff that was not good was the 3rd class rooms

How much does a box of Winchester white box ammo cost?

How much does a white house cost? There are several calibers of Winchester white box ammo, just as there is more than 1 white house. You need to check local shops for the CALIBER of ammo you need.

What is the Average cost of 5 gallons of white house paint?