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What is the cost per mile for a garbage truck?


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The cost per mile for a garbage truck varies somewhat with the price of diesel fuel and the age and condition of the truck. On average, the fuel cost per mile for a garbage truck is about $1.33 if diesel fuel is selling for $3.99 per gallon. The trucks generally average 3 miles per gallon of fuel.

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truck drivers pay per mile can go from 25cents per mile to $1.09

With most factors considered, it costs about 1.38 dollars per mile to operate a commercial. That is based on a fuel price of 3.42 dollars per gallon.

You can hire a long haul truck for roughly $2 per mile. There are lots of variables that can affect the rate.

Truck Driver (oil) = $66,000 = $0.60 per mile x 110,000 miles. See truckers cost per mile calculation below. (Owner operator trucking jobs typically pay more than just being a truck driver.)

The cost per mile will vary based upon where you live. The average cost to tow a car ranges from $3-$7 per mile.

Cost per ton-mile indicates what it costs to ship 1 ton of a commodity 1 mile. The calculation is: (cost)/((# of tons) x (# of miles)).

In 2011, the cost per ton per mile average was about $16.54. That was with an index rating of about 128 compared to 1975.

I am not sure if you have sufficient information. If you fill your tank, you need to see how far it gets you before you need to refill again. Divide the number of gallons you fill in your tank by the distance, to get average gallons / mile. Then multiply that by the cost of fuel per gallon, to get dollars / mile.

The IRS allows: .51 cents per mile for business. .19 cents per mile for medical or moving expenses. .14 cents per mile for charitable expenses. Want to know what a particular make & model will cost per mile then click the link.

You need to know the price per gallon and also the miles per gallon your car can achieve. Then the cost per mile is the dollars per gallon divided by the miles per gallon. The answer is in dollars per mile (in the UK use pounds instead). So with fuel at $1 per gallon, and car that does 20 mpg, the fuel cost is $1 / 20 per mile, or 5 cents per mile.

You need to expense a dump truck at a dollars per hour, as mileage for dump trucking is mostly in a close in area to cities and mostly close to gravel pits, asphalt plants. My own experience is that for every mile you operate a dump truck the cost of operation are double that of road trucks, the wear and tear on them is so much more that the cost of operation is very high, fuel mileage is low due to constant start and stop.

Divide cost per gallon by the miles per gallon to receive cost per mile. Take the result and multiply the miles to travel by the cost per mile to receive the total cost for the trip. Example: $3.55 cost per gallon/18 mpg= .1922 cents per mile X 1200 miles = $236.66 cost of trip.

Rental prices vary by the size of the truck needed as well as location, how long you need to rent the truck for and distance being traveled. a lot of moving companies charge not only for the truck rental itself but also charge a fee per mile that the truck is driven.

about 58 cents per mile 3/2/10 bjs268 added: Actually, 58 cents per mile would only cover the fuel, figuring an average of 5 miles per gallon and diesel being around 2.85 DOE national average. Don't forget that .58 per mile DOES NOT include any insurance, maintenance, office space allocation, other overhead (if any) and most of all....profit. So be careful when figuring what it realistically costs to run that truck 1 mile down the road.

Renting a truck from Budget can be done one of two ways. You can pay by the mile at a rate of .35 cents per mile or rent it for a period of time such as a single day, weekend or whole week. You will be responsible for returning the rental truck with a full tank of gasoline regardless of which type of rental you choose.

500 miles at 39 cents per mile = 500*39 cents = 195 dollars

1.75/mile x 16.56miles = $28.98

One straightforward way to calucate auto cost per mile (if your only taking fuel consumption into account) is: Price per gallon of fuel divided by the vehicle's average Miles per Gallon. e.g., $3.80 per gallon / 22MPG = 0.172727 per mile therefore, it would cost $ 0.173 per mile or 17.3 cents per mile. Other factors such as vehicle deprecation, tolls, oil use, insurance also should be considered in account but would complicate the equation.

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