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Q: What is the cost per person per year for treatment of copd?
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What is the cost of food for one person for one year?

1800 €

How much is it a person to swim at Keller pointe?

It cost $25 a year.

How much does the NHS cost per person per year?

Of course, BUPA doesn't provide all the treatment, it mainly covers stuff like a comfy room. Most of the expensive non profitable things are provided by the NHS.

Average cost of living in US?

The average cost of living in the US is $20,194 per person a year. The average amount of debt for a person in the US is $8500.

How much does it cost to renew a six flags season pass?

well they cost 199.00 for all the parks for 1 person and for a year it costs 289.64 for a person.

Cost of health care in great Britain?

$2,784 per person every year

What is the cost for NRMA travel insurance?

The cost for NRMA travel insurance varies hugely from person to person. A year's cover traveling from Australia to America and back on NRMA's 'Super Plus Plan' would cost $1,413.

How much does meat cost then a vegetarian person?

Rougly around a couple thousand dollars a year.

What is the yearly cost for mental health people?

It costs about 100,000 per year it is a magior cost but it is worth it for your mental illness person to stay alive

How much does it cost to get into Merlefest?

This year, in 2010, day tickets were $50 per person, per day

What is the life expectancy of a patient with stage 3 copd?

i was diagnosed of parkinson disease 5 years ago,i started azilect,then mirapex as the disease progressed in february last year,and i started on parkinson disease herbal medicine from ultimate life clinic,few months into the treatment  i made a significant recovery,almost all my symptoms are gone,great improvement with my movement and balance,it been a year and life has been so good for me,reach them through there website at www .ultimatelifeclinic .com

How much does a 7 year old horse cost?

it can cost any amout it depends on what breed and how much the person is willing to give thank you for your answers we are happy to answer them