What is the cost range for in-ground pool drain repair?

The answer could be very lengthily but I will try to give you the different factors that relate to added costs. (It is better to teach someone to fish than to give the poor one fish dinner.) Costs factors: geographical location due to different standards of living is one factor. Now the pool itself. Is the pool bottom made of concrete (gunite) or does it have a vinyl liner. Refilling the pool containing a vinyl liner needs a minimum of 2 workers preferably four workers. They are needed to prevent creases in the vinyl liner when pool water is reintroduced into the pool after the main drain repair. The pool water has to be trucked in in order to quickly fill the pool while the workers are preventing liner creases. Leak detection: The pool or leak detection company will have to detect the position of the leak in order to find where to dig and repair the break/leak. If the leak is under the pool or close to the main drain; it will be more costly than next to the equipment pad. The actual digging itself. You may have your pool and/or piping imbedded in shale as in parts of Connecticut or rock in parts of Texas. You may only have easy digging sand as in Florida. Surroundings of the pool: Is the pool indoor where it may take more than the usual amount of labor. You may just have grass around the perimeter of the pool or an expensive nature setting including natural stone and a waterfall. Once the repair is complete; the pool company or contractor may not be liable or is not added into the final bill to repair what they have ripped out (your natural waterfall setting, your fencing, evergreens granite, etc.)in order to repair the pipe. The main drain itself: Pool companies are very reluctant to cut out the main drain and replace it in a gunite pool. Once the concrete is cut; it is an impending weak spot in the pool bottom subject to subsequent leakage. Special epoxy must be used by a professional to minimize and future leaking. The price range. With all that said, Prices could range from $500.00 to $5,000.00 to only repair the pipe. As you can see, these prices range radically due to the many outside factors involved. These prices do not reflect any unexpected problems and remember your natural surroundings most likely will not be included. Also ask about any warrantees. The norm is none or just one season and only for that particular fix, not the whole pipe. you may also have to get a permit for digging and also to call the utility companies for gas, electric, telephone and water lines. Also see if the companies are bonded (insured) against any liabilities and safety issues. Pipes Down Under, LLC makes kit systems that repair leaking pipes with minimal excavation if any. Please see www.pipesdownunder.com. The website will show how it is done. If you do not choose to use my product, then I recommend that you get at least two to three bids from reputable pool or leak detector companies in your area before making a decision. You can also call the better business bureau to see if there are any complaints against a company you are about to call for a bid. Sorry for such a long answer but there is a lot of money at risk including pool down time. I hope this helps anyone who has a pool leak. Pipes Down Under, LLC