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What is the cost to replace a starter in a 93 Ford Taurus?


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I paid 59.00 + st at autozone BR,La and changed it myself. It took me about 3.5 hours. I read the manual prior to servicing it. Just give yourself additional time to as needed to accomplish the task and Good luck!


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Estimated Cost for 2004 TAURUS is $380. that is from Hines Park Ford.

Ijust paid 289.00 to have a new starter put on my 2003 Taurus.

The cost of the starter would be about $90. The labor would depend on the company that you use to put in the part.

Car starters will cost approximately $300 to buy new.

The cost to replace a head gasket for a 2003 Ford Taurus varies depending on the quality of parts and what is charged for labor. Average costs for the job can run anywhere from $200-$450.

HOw much is the labor to put a starter in a 2002 ford explore sports trac

You cannot "fix" it. But you can replace it in about an hour.

You cannot "fix" it. But you can replace it in about an hour.

Simply to remove and replace it is about $1000-1250 at most garages. No trans work or cost of new unit included.

I just replaced the starter on my 2006 Ford Taurus at 79,000 miles. Auto Zone for their limited lifetime, re-manufactured starter, $139.99 + tax, plus a $50 core refunded when you return the old starter. The car was dead, so it was jacked up to place on ramps for sufficient clearance from below. Total time was about 1.5 hours to replace the starter. The starter bolts can be removed with a 13mm box end, but is easier with a socket and ratchet. The electrical connections take a 13 mm and a 10 mm. The battery terminal requires a 8 mm. You must disconnect the battery!

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According to the official Ford website,, the MSRP for a Taurus Sedan is $25,170.

They didn't have Taurus in 1933.

it can cost any were from 200 to 450 to replace the starter.

price your starter at local auto parts store. most starters can be replace in about an hour or two. should only cost you for starter if you are going to do the work yourself.

It cost me $183 at a private garage in Toronto, Ontario Canada (May 2012).

The cost to replace a starter in a Malibu will depend on the labor costs and also the year of the vehicle. The prices for the starter start at $38.00.

Probably about $125 labor (this can vary depending on where you are) and about another $125 for the new radiator.

I just had the timing cover gasket on my 2000 Ford Taurus replaced...Cost of Repair was $513

I had to replace a starter in my 96 and it cost around $350.00

A Bosch O2 sensor, from NAPA, is $91 here in southwest Washington.

$300 and change at the Rainbow muffler and brake shop, Largo Florida

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