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I paid 59.00 + st at autozone BR,La and changed it myself. It took me about 3.5 hours. I read the manual prior to servicing it. Just give yourself additional time to as needed to accomplish the task and Good luck!

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2005-04-15 00:26:47
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Q: What is the cost to replace a starter in a 93 Ford Taurus?
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What is the estimate cost for a new starter installed for a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Estimated Cost for 2004 TAURUS is $380. that is from Hines Park Ford.

How much does it cost to repair the starter of Ford Taurus?

Ijust paid 289.00 to have a new starter put on my 2003 Taurus.

What is the cost to replace a starter in a 2004 Ford Taurus and please specify parts and labor?

The cost of the starter would be about $90. The labor would depend on the company that you use to put in the part.

How much does a new starter cost for a 2004 Ford Taurus?

Just paid $445.

How much does a starter cost for a 2005 Ford Taurus?

Car starters will cost approximately $300 to buy new.

What is the normal cost to replace oxygen sensor for 1996 Ford Taurus?

Approx $70.00

What is cost to replace head gasket of 2003 Ford Taurus?

The cost to replace a head gasket for a 2003 Ford Taurus varies depending on the quality of parts and what is charged for labor. Average costs for the job can run anywhere from $200-$450.

How much does it cost to replace a wheel bearing on a 2002 Ford Taurus?

It cost me 120 for part and 120 for labor

How much is the cost to replace the alternator for Ford Taurus 2003?

Around $400 for a new install.

How much would it cost to replace starter for a 2002 ford explorer?

HOw much is the labor to put a starter in a 2002 ford explore sports trac

How much will it cost to replace a blown head gasket in a Ford Taurus?

ballpark $1500 sight unseen

What is the cost to fix the shift cable for a 2002 Ford Taurus ses?

You cannot "fix" it. But you can replace it in about an hour.

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