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What is the cost to replace an alternator for 2002 Hyundai xg350?


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$500-$600 w/ the dealer. They have to pull the radiator out to get down to the alternator underneath it. Happened to me.


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Disconnect the hose both the top and bottom ones , place new alternator and connect the hose back in place.

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It is located underneath timing belt cover, behind crank pulley.

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It is built into the alternator, You will have to replace the alternator.

There are two serpentine belts a/c timing etc. and alternator just release belt tensioner towards front of motor for outer belt and the secnd tensioner is located on the alternator

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Take it to a shop It is very difficult to remove, involves taking out the radiator, removing motor mounts, jacking up motor, just to get it out. Back bolt on alternator is very difficult to install or remove, unless you have a complete mechanics toolset and a magnet to get it back in place, I would not attempt. Changed 1 at my house, took about 8 hours.

you have to remove the radiator and the a/c condenser to pull alternator also cooling fans

The voltage regulator in the alternator is probley weak. Replace the alternator

Take it to a certified mechanic and pay him $300.

It can cost as much as about $300 to replace the charcoal canister on the 2002 Hyundai. This varies according the mechanic labor pricing in your area. The canister averages around $100 to $150.

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