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What is the country of origin for sausage rolls?


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british............................... i think not sure :l


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Country of origin for the sausage

I have to have bread with sausage, and the yeast rolls are perfect for sausage

sausage rolls are not good it has sugar and salt and fat.

Yes I love sausage rolls because they are really tasty

Cooked sausage rolls will stay good in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Uncooked sausage rolls will need to be cooked within 48 hours.

yes you can. after you make the sausage rolls they will last 3 months in freezer. Make sure and wrap them tightly.

Yes, sausage rolls are popular in bakeries and as shared "finger food" at parties. However, they do not have the same popularity as meat pies.

Sausage Rolls originated from England. The inventor was a lady named India May. She loved them so much and made everyone eat them. She loved sausages and rolls and just fused them together.

Some think it is Italy but really the Greeks had long before them :)

liam oneil with sausage rolls in his hands

You can but you might get food poisining if you are not careful.

I dont know the biggest Sausage rolls Lengh , but I do know the Lengh of the longest sausage , it is 36.74 miles along :)

Spring Rolls, Samosa's, Sausage Rolls , hot dogs, pickled bologna

Because they cant be bothered

Sandwiches Fruit Sausage Rolls Buns / Cakes

because you can eat sausages and also rolls

The best frozen sausage roll to buy are the fresh ones you buy and freeze you self.

small, golden brown, well risen,

Squeeze all the fat oils out of it and it's skin.

yes they do, but they would be ok for a few hours out of the fridge

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