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It's called "The Baby", by Blake Shelton. That's a good song! song about some shoes right?? "The Baby"

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What is Ecuador's mother country?

Spain conquered Ecuador back in the 1500s. But I don't think Ecuadorians view SPain as their "mother country".

What is the conflict in Coraline?

the conflict is that her fake mother has her real parents an shes trying to get them back

The maginot line failed to hold back the nazi invasion of this country?

the country known as your mother.

How do you get your ex back do you got dumped by him and you ex is trying to get back with his girlfriend he had before you?

let him go

What is deportation?

Deportation is the act of deporting a person back to their mother country who does not have the rights to be in the country from which they are being deported.

How old is country music?

Country music is definitally old, it dates back before the 1900s

Why do penguins sing before the mother goes off to find food?

The mother and the father sing before the mother goes to find food. They do this so that when she gets back she can find her family. Watch march of the penguins.

What does trying to catch fish in the air mean?

Trying to catch fish in the air means, well in walk two moons that sal is getting her hopes so high that her mother is coming back but she isn't,there is very little chance of catching fish in the airthere is very little chance that Salamanca's mother is coming back

What rights do legal guardian have when a birth mother is trying to take back their child after four years?

Since you are the legal guardian she has to go to court to get them back. What happens there depends on the situation.

Can a mother move out of the country if the father is paying child support?

mother of my child moved out of the country with telling anyone and i owe back child support, ive been given a petition to go to court what will happen ? its in ny

Can a parent who doesnt have sole custody refuse to let the child be taken back to the country where it has been living?

Probably not, but if they are out of the country it could get very complicated trying to bring them back. You need to contact your attorney and possibly the embassy of the country where your children are and the US embassy in the country where they are being kept.

Why do mother pigeons leave there eggs before they hatch?

So that when the mother bird comes back to her nest with food, the babies have already escaped their eggs for feeding.

What do you do if you have just found out that your mother brought you across the border over 20 years ago?

If his mother brought him legally (he had a visa back then) then you can get married and he can file for adjustment of status. If she brought him illegaly, there isn't much he can do except go back to the country his mother brought him from and file for a visa there.

How was Henry Hudson treated when he returned to his country?

He died before he could go back to his country, but he did accomplish many other things.

Can talking to your girlfriend's mother help you win her back?

Probably not. You should be talking to the girlfriend directly. Otherwise, it appears that you are trying to "turn her family against her".

How were the lives of ordinary southerners affected in the years after reconstruction?

I affected their lives because many of them had lost homes, farms and in turn they were busy trying to get back all they had before. Primarily, they were trying to fit back into the union and go about life as usual.

Before Napoleon came to power his forces were defeated in what country?

His campaign in Egypt was a failure, but he got back to France and came to power before word of his failure got back to France.

What do you do if your friend is trying to get your crush?

Because they will talk to you about them all the time. if she's your friend she will know to back off but if she dont get in there before they do :)

Can Kyuren come back if it faints?

I think you are talking about trying to catch it, and no. No legendaires reapper if you make them faint before you catch them.

What is the most oldest country?

Denmark has recorded history back to 2000 years before christ

How do you get gorlfriend back?

To get your girlfriend back you need to first correct whatever was wrong in your relationship before it ended. Start by trying to be her friend at first and spend time with her. If it is meant to be it will be.

If you are a illegally in the US and had your child on US soil can you be deported and separated from your child?

Yes, the child is a legal U.S. citizen, mother remains foreign citizen which means you could still get deported. You have the option of taking the child with you back to the foreign country until you fix your situation. If you take him/her out of the U.S. he/she has permission to come back in the country. When your child turns 18, they can "claim" the mother and the mother can become legal.

Can a painted turtle live on dry land?

yes and no because they preffer the sea more than dryland but to have their babies they will go on dry and the babie have to make it to the sea before anything happens (their mother leaves them before they are born).their mother goes back in the water after laying her babies and then she doesnt come back.

Can you leave the country before your court date?

Not if you are out on bail. if you have a court appearance for a traffic ticket or similar petty offense you can leave the country just be sure you make it back in time. Otherwise, you risk having a warrant out for your arrest when you try to come back into the country. Already issued the warrant because left the country before the second date

Do mother penguins steal other mother penguins eggs?

Sometimes. If a mother penguin (Like an Emperor or King that only lays one egg) loses her baby before the male comes back (The egg hatches before the mother comes home from her journey), she may try to steal a living chick from other mothers.