What is the county name of the Philippines?


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The Philippines is officially The Republic of the Philippines.

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There are no counties within the country of Philippines. Philippines is broken down into provinces. Within provinces, there are towns and barangays.

The Second Name is the republic of the Philippines

The full official name is the Republic of the Philippines.

The official name of the Philippines is "The Republic of the Philippines" (Republika ng Pilipinas in Filipino).

The Chinese name for the 'Philippines' is 'fel lu bin' or '菲律宾'.

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines.

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フィリピン (firipin) means "Philippines".

There is no Prime Minister of Philippines.

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Yes. The country's official name is the Republic of the Philippines.

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it is came from Philippines The name Philippines is named in honour of King Philip the Second of Spain by Villalobos during his voyage of discovery in 1542

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