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What is the credit score of a person who has never had credit before?

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2007-01-21 07:36:46

You pretty much don't have a score. It's not impossible to get

loans, but when you apply substantial down payments and/or high

APRs may be a part of the loan. When you first start out on credit

you still don't get a score, but I believe an initial score is

established after 90 days. I believe they start you in the 600s

because when I applied for a car loan my score was 615 after only 6

months of credit. This is why it's important to have credit cards

at a young age so credit can be built. APR doesn't matter for the

card, just carry a low balance and pay in full every month and

those two things over a period of time (usually 3 years to get your

"average" credit score) will give you a nice credit score. AND PAY


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