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(Answered from the UK) It's a public order act offence (section 3 of the 1986 act).
Affray is committed when a person uses or threatens unlawful violence. But it doesn't stop there. The law also requires a hypothetical person of "reasonable firmness" (who need not even have been present) to be in fear for their own personal safety as a result of this unlawful violence.
It is often used as an alternative charge to assault when a victim doesn't want to pursue a complaint. For years, this was quite normal. Nowadays, people often run the point that a fight or argument that is clearly between 2 people would not cause any other person to be in fear for their own safety. The public order act was created as a reaction to the miners' strike in the mid 80s. The idea was that wanton and random violence would cause fear to any person. The act did not have "alternative to assault" in mind.
Maximum sentence in the Crown Court is 3 years for affray.

(in the US) In those jurisdictions which even have such a statute it usually refers to violent confrontations between individuals, and is worded similarly to - - "two, or more, persons, fighting abroad to the terror of the public."
Actions such as large neighborhood fights, gang fights, near-riots, etc., would be an example
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What is a crime?

Answer A crime is based upon a societies idealisms of right vs. wrong. If an action is considered wrong by a group then in totality they will label it a crime. ........... Societies , citizens do not decide what / which is a crime _ This ability has been usurped by Politics . . . Government / Polit ( Full Answer )

What is natural crime and legal crime?

Answer . Natural crime is one that is mala in se, or wrong in itself. This means that it is known as being wrong reguardless of the circumstances. Legal crime is mala prohibita, or wrong only because there is a law. Someone made a law against it.

Can you be punished for a crime that was not a crime when you committed it?

Answer . Not under the "ex post facto" doctrine, if it is a statutory offense. However, under the common-law criminal theory, any intentional harm to another person or municipality or the public morals could be considered a "crime", at least under state laws, even if not specifically defined i ( Full Answer )

What is the crime?

it is an action that breaks the law, also when u don't follow the rules and breaks them .

What crimes are considered violent crimes?

Typically, "violent crime" is unlawful activity that uses violence, i.e., assault, murder, rape, domestic assault, etc. It depends on state and federal laws.

What crimes are capital crimes?

Any crimes subject to the death penalty. In the US, they have to involve murder (although treason is still listed as a capital crime, it has not been tested).

I was joking about a crime is that a crime?

Well..., not really BUT -- it could very well depend on what you consider "joking." What were you "joking' about - who you were "joking" to - who might have overheard you? If it is a currently 'open' case and you gave the listener reason to believe that you knew about it, it could give the authoriti ( Full Answer )

What does the charge simple affray mean?

Two or more persons fighting in public causing a disturbance, first used in 1482. It is felt this type of fighting may spread to more people [e.g. classic bar fight] and may even precipitate a riot -- but certainly there is some degree of breach of peace for this charge. Jordan Sterns MD JD Medi ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum sentence for affray?

The crime of affray is defined as unlawful physical violence, orthe threat of the same. In the United Kingdom, the crime carries amaximum sentence of three years imprisonment and a fine of anundisclosed amount. There is also a maximum sentence of 6 monthsand the statutory maximum fine for a summary ( Full Answer )

Is charged with affray serious?

Depending on the way the wording of the law in your state and the penalty that is attached to it, it could be. It is more serious than "simple assault" or "disorderly conduct."

Are crimes limited to physical crimes?

No, there are also "crimes against property," crimes against 'the state' (Treason) as well as a host of innumerable other offenses.

Was H.M.S.Reclaim in search for submarine HMS Affray?

Yes indeed. HMS Affray was located by HMS Reclaim. The ship deployed the first underwater TV camera to see Royal Naval service. She was south of the initial search area, on the north side of Hurd Deep in 278 feet. Initial pictures of the wreck showed her to be intact, listing slightly to port, with ( Full Answer )

What makes a crime a crime?

Two acts... 1. The criminal act itself 2. The criminal INTENT There is a difference between bumping into someone and they fall down a flight of stairs and snap their neck and deliberately pushing someone down the stairs with the intention of killing him.

Why do you have crimes?

some say that as human beings, it is in our nature to rebel against the authority, and it is in some people's nature to do bad things like murders, rape and fighting. functionalists also belive that crime shows us what we should and shouldn't do.

Is affray a crime of moral turpitude?

It's possible that it might be, depending on just how serious the 'affray' was. Moral turpitude generally refers to conduct that shocks the public conscience. Offenses such as murder, voluntary manslaughter, kidnaping, robbery, and aggravated assaults involve moral turpitude. However, simple ass ( Full Answer )

What is a major crime and a minor crime?

minor crime are petty crimes of theft/damage to any personal property or unsocilal behavior punishable by fines or simple imprisonments in law or let off by warnings. Major crimes are against the a state or the constitution and invite severe punishment including capital punishments.

What is a capital crime and what is an infamous crime?

Capital crimes are any crimes that are subjected to capital punishment. In the US, they have to involve taking a life (or treason, although that has not been tested by the Supreme Court as to constitutionality). Infamous crimes would be any felonies or non-felonies that are crimes of moral turpitu ( Full Answer )

How is blackmail a crime?

If i said to you "Hey be my Friend or ill will kill/bully you" Isn't that bulling? BULLING IS AGAINST THE LAW so be sure you done come in JALE

Is begging a crime?

In some places it is a crime. It depends on the place. On private property it is trespassing. It is also known as panhandling. On most public properties it is legal but frowned upon. You would have to check the local laws in the area you are inquiring about.

A sin which is not a crime?

\n. \n. homosexuality is a sin but however not a crime \n. lying ( to some extent ) is a sin but not a crime \n.

What was Tudor crime?

Murder, theft... basicly crimes today. Oh, except for the fact you could get exicuted for treason against the crown.

Hacking is it a crime?

That depends on your definition of "hacking". The accurate use of the word just refers to finding ways to get computers to do things other than what the designer had in mind. That kind of hacking is not universally a crime. When you start talking about getting into computers you have not been grante ( Full Answer )

Why is crime important?

crime is important because many people get killed and also the people who do it can get arrested and put into jail.. you have to be careful with crime.

What are patterns of crime?

Often involves the use of police statistics to determine where crime is committed, who committed it, who is victimized, and what are the major dimensions of the criminal act. Patterns of crime are farther examined by the spatial distribution of crime in a city, the social background of offenders and ( Full Answer )

What is sport crime?

One type of sports crime is gambling. Another could be the use of steroids or enhancing sports equipment in some way that gives you a better chance at winning than your other teammates.

Is commiting a crime a crime?

If you commit a crime, then you're breaking the law. If you call breaking the law a crime, then yes, you're committing a crime by committing a crime. Added; A criminal act is composed of two conscious acts: The Mens Reus (the criminal intent) and the Actus Reus (the criminal act). By commit ( Full Answer )

Why was witchcraft a crime?

This is a rather complex question. In all the world, in every culture, there has been some type of witchcraft. The most basic answer to you question would be that authority is uneasy with the egalitarian streak the is inevitably a part of the craft. Anyone anywhere can cast a spell if they choose to ( Full Answer )

What are crimes of globalization?

The question is framed M-U-C-H too broadly. Unless you are speaking in a sociological or historical sense, there are no specific criminal or civil laws associated with the process of the globalization of the economy.

What is commission of a crime?

too me it sounds like an extensive crime that is being paid for that is lengthy... hope that answers it

Is simple affray a felony?

Any person who commits a simple assault or a simple assault and battery or participates in a simple affray is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. Added: ALL state laws are different - before relying on the above answer make sure it applies in YOUR state.

Gay is a crime or not?

Yes, in some countries. I know it is not a crime in Britain, Canada or Sweden for starters.

What are economic crimes?

Erasing of financial records. Added: In addition to the above answer - - ANY crime having to do with money, finances or investments can be termed an economic crime - they are often loosely referred to as "white collar crimes."

What is a simple affray?

A criminal offense generally defined as the fighting of two or more persons in a public place that disturbs others. The offense originated under the Common Law and in some jurisdictions has become a statutory crime. Although an agreement to fight is not an element of the crime under the common-la ( Full Answer )

Does an affray charge go on your record?

Unless it occurred prior to your 18th birthday, it will appear on your adult criminal history record. Juvenile redcords are sealed.

What is crime - different kinds of crime?

Crime can be defined as unlawful acts committed against the publicgood as defined and set forth in legal statutes. There are two main classifications of crime: Felony crime which, by definition is punishable bybeing sentenced to more than one year in prison ,and Misdemeanor crime which, by defi ( Full Answer )

What is crime bail crime?

Bail is the amount of money it takes to make bond (to get out of jail before being convicted, or sometimes formally charged). Bail is typically 10% of what the court ordered bond is.

When is conduct a crime and when is a crime not a crime?

The crime of inciting to riot can be ruled by some judges and jurisdictions to be carried out by an ABUSE of the freedom of speech- Someone shouting out Racial epithets at, say a ball game or boxing bout with the idea of Triggering a race riot- could be charged with inciting to riot- this is not the ( Full Answer )

Is it a crime to accuse the innocent of a crime?

The best possible response is that it can be. If the accuser knows before making the charge, then yes, it is one of a number of crimes. However, the innocent are wrongly accused and not uncommonly convicted in the US every day.

What are the crimes considered as heinous crime?

Crimes that are likely to leave the victim/family emotionally scarred. Examples would be murder (duh), robbery, kidnapping, rape, extortion, attempted murder, and grievous bodily harm. They tend to be the types of crimes that make people cringe at the mention of. Added: Crimes such as these are s ( Full Answer )

Is it a crime not not report a crime?

Not reporting a crime could be a form of an omission (which is a failure to act). It depends on the crime itself, and if there are any laws requiring someone to report a crime.. For example (in english law), the road traffic act 1988 requires a person to report a road accident, and failure to do s ( Full Answer )

Is it a crime to plan a crime but not commit the crime?

Yes planning a crime is a crime. More exactly, it is called "Conspiracy to commit X", where X is the crime being planned. There's a bit more difficulty in proving it, because the prosecution has to show that you knew that a crime was being planned and that you willingly (or knowingly) participate ( Full Answer )

How long can you get for aggravated bodily harm -ABH- affray?

Without knowing the circumstances, the location, your past history, wikianswers cannot answer this. In some countries it could be life imprisonment. Whatever the punishment it should be sufficient to deter you from re-offending.

What is the difference between affray and rioting?

Riot is the use of force or violence used by an unlawful assembly (which is an assembly of five or more per­sons) or by any member thereof in prosecution of the common objects of that assembly. \n. An affray, on the other hand, is committed by two or more persons by fighting in a public place when ( Full Answer )

What is crime?

A crime is an action that one takes that breaches or violates thelaw in some way. It can be from running a stop sign to robbing abank. In short, a crime is an illegal activity.