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(Answered from the UK) It's a public order act offence (section 3 of the 1986 act).

Affray is committed when a person uses or threatens unlawful violence. But it doesn't stop there. The law also requires a hypothetical person of "reasonable firmness" (who need not even have been present) to be in fear for their own personal safety as a result of this unlawful violence.

It is often used as an alternative charge to assault when a victim doesn't want to pursue a complaint. For years, this was quite normal. Nowadays, people often run the point that a fight or argument that is clearly between 2 people would not cause any other person to be in fear for their own safety. The public order act was created as a reaction to the miners' strike in the mid 80s. The idea was that wanton and random violence would cause fear to any person. The act did not have "alternative to assault" in mind.

Maximum sentence in the Crown Court is 3 years for affray.

(in the US) In those jurisdictions which even have such a statute it usually refers to violent confrontations between individuals, and is worded similarly to - - "two, or more, persons, fighting abroad to the terror of the public."

Actions such as large neighborhood fights, gang fights, near-riots, etc., would be an example

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What is the maximum sentence for affray?

The crime of affray is defined as unlawful physical violence, or the threat of the same. In the United Kingdom, the crime carries a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment and a fine of an undisclosed amount. There is also a maximum sentence of 6 months and the statutory maximum fine for a summary conviction.

What is Affray?

affray is a noisy quarrel or brawl ( in English definition)

What is an affray?

An affray is an assault, an attack, or an act of disturbing someone suddenly.

What is a simple affray?

A criminal offense generally defined as the fighting of two or more persons in a public place that disturbs others.The offense originated under the Common Law and in some jurisdictions has become a statutory crime. Although an agreement to fight is not an element of the crime under the common-law definition, some statutes provide that an affray can occur only when two or more persons agree to fight in a public place.An affray is a type of Disorderly Conduct and a breach of the peace since it is conduct that disturbs the peace of the community. It is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both.Added:Affray is the fighting of two or more persons in a public place to the terror of ordinary people. The tendency to alarm the community is the essence of the offense. In order to be affray the fighting must be mutual. If one person unlawfully attacks another who tries to defend himself it does not amount to affray. Here the first person is guilty of assault and battery not affray. 'Affray' is derived from the French word effrayer, meaning to affright.In order to constitute affray there must be:Fighting;The fighting must be between two or more persons;It must be in some public place ;It must be to the terror of the people.

What is the duration of Desperate Poaching Affray?

The duration of Desperate Poaching Affray is 180.0 seconds.

How do use the word affray in a sentence?

There was an affray outside the shop and three people were arrested.

Is assault more serious than affray?

Yes. Affray can be just a loud arguement, assault is a physical attack.

What are the release dates for An Affray of Honor - 1913?

An Affray of Honor - 1913 was released on: USA: 16 April 1913

Can you own a weapon if convicted of an affray?


If charged with affray what is the worse that can happen?

not sure

What is the definition for the word affray?

to separate the treads at the adge of

What are the release dates for A Desperate Poaching Affray - 1903?

A Desperate Poaching Affray - 1903 was released on: UK: July 1903 USA: 31 October 1903

Did Adam ant get arrested for pederasty?

He pled guilty to affray.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Desperate Poaching Affray - 1903?

The cast of A Desperate Poaching Affray - 1903 includes: Sid Griffiths as Second Poacher Walter Haggar as First Gamekeeper

What is the difference between affray and rioting?

Riot is the use of force or violence used by an unlawful assembly (which is an assembly of five or more per­sons) or by any member thereof in prosecution of the common objects of that assembly.An affray, on the other hand, is committed by two or more persons by fighting in a public place when they disturb the public peace. In the case of affray there may thus not be the common object to disturb public peace.To sum up, a riot differs from an affray inasmuch as:(1) A riot can be committed only by five or more persons, while an affray can be committed by two or more persons.(2) A riot can be committed even in a private place but an affray cannot be committed in a private place.(3) In a riot every member of the unlaw­ful assembly is punishable, although some of them may not have personally used force or violence; this is not so in the case of an affray because only those actually engaged are liable.(4) The punishment awarded in the case of riot is imprisonment for two years, or both, but in the case of an affray it is one month or fine up to Rs. 100 or both.

Is simple affray a felon in North Carolina?

No it is a Class 2 Misdemeanor

What word means noisy quarrel and become ragged?


What does fray mean the word?

A Fray is a fight. Legally it is called an Affray.

What does the charge affray mean?

1. noisy quarrel2. a noisy fight

Are you eligible for tag when you have been charged with GBH and affray?

Unable to determine with the information supplied. It may well depend on your past criminal history, if any, and the seriousness of the GBH charge and whether anyone was injured, and how seriously, during the affray.

What is the fine for affray charge in Georgia?

$1100 in Houston County as of Sept 1, 2010

What is an affrayment?

An affrayment is an obsolete word for an affray, an act of sudden assault, attack, or quarrel.

What is a 6 letter words starting with a containing a y?

acuity affray airway astray augury

Is simple affray a felony?

Any person who commits a simple assault or a simple assault and battery or participates in a simple affray is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.Added: ALL state laws are different - before relying on the above answer make sure it applies in YOUR state.

Can a prosecutor add more charges to simple assault charge in nh?

A prosecutor can't add any more charges than you have committed.You may have commited more crimes than simple assualt whilst commiting the crime, eg affray(basically assault in a public place)