What is the criteria for a visionary?

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The capacity to see beyond the curtain of current reality.

note from fkalich....this is an example how a language changes, in this case due to ignorance. Up to recent times the primary definition of visionary was "an impractical dreamer". It was not a compliment to call someone a visionary. Around the year 2,000 media newscasters/interviewers started using the term incorrectly out of ignorance. Even though initially using it that way was laughable, the media pundits began using the word increasingly in this incorrect manner. Something is lost when this happens. I am not aware of any word that one can use to convey the original meaning of "visionary". If you want to call someone an impractical dreamer you now have to use two words, if you call them a visionary they will most likely say "thank you".
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Jose De San Martin was a visionary who?

Jose De San Martin, a military official in his own rights, was a visionary to his country and sought a country free of foreign rule. Had he been alive today, he would be pleased to know that America turned into a non foreign ruled land.

What is a underwriting criteria?

Depends on the policy type, the insured's age, and the face amount. It can include blood, urine, saliva, MIB report, EKG, medical records, nurse exam, doctor exam, credit check, background check, and so on. If you have specific questions about your requirements, your agent or broker is obligated ( Full Answer )

What is Monera criteria?

Answer . monera criteria is an obsolete biological kingdom of the five-kingdom system of biological classification.

What is a Creative Visionary?

Answer . A Creative Visionary is a Trailblazer in his or her repspective field. They see a problem or solution others dont and create a solution which opens an untapped nich or market. Creative Visionaries are often misunderstood for their innovation. In truth, creative visionaries keep our wor ( Full Answer )

What is the Duke criteria?

The Duke criteria is a set of factors that facilitate the diagnosis of infective endocarditis (IE). While validation of the criteria has come from different medical facilities in several countries, it is still incorporating some minor modifications that will make it a more universal and effective di ( Full Answer )

What are criteria for models?

For Runway Models: Girls- 5'9-6'0 slim figure, breath-taking facial features,and confidence Boys- 5'10-6'2 slim, cut, defined jaw bones, full lush hair, confidence (remember there is a HUGE difference between cockiness and confidence) For Print/Editorial Models: Girls: 5'4- 6'0 slim ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of criteria?

Criteria is already a plural - it is used incorrectly as a singular. The singular is criterion.

Charismatic and visionary leadership?

The best business leaders are charismatic and visionaries. They areable to inspire change and results in their employees as well aslead the company in a strong direction.

What criteria of the commander?

Answer You won't find your answer under the heading of Cheating, choose another category to ask your question in.

What is dukes criteria?

Major . Typical organism in 2 separate cultures or persistently +ve blood cultures (ɯ, ᡄ hrs apart) . +ve echocardiogram (vegetation, abscess) or new valvular regurgitation . Minor . Predisposition . Fever ᡞ°C . Vascular/ immunological phenomena (splinter haemorrha ( Full Answer )

What is visionary architecture?

Visionary architecture can be defined as architecture that onlyexists on paper. This means that is has visionary qualities and notused on any structure.

What is visionary?

A visionary is a person who actively sees the possibilities in thefuture. They execute their visions by establishing a plan that willwork for them.

What is the meaning of criteria?

The word is "criterion." That's the singular form: a criterion. "Criteria" is plural. A criterion is a standard or measure of something, like a test of qualifications. One criterion for college admission might be a certain score on the SAT; another criterion might be passing certain courses. Ther ( Full Answer )

What is a visionary director?

Kind of like a regular director, but he/she decides what lighting will be used, camera angles, basically how everything looks.

What are list of criteria?

Criteria are "skills that you need to have, in order to be suitable for something". A list of criteria is just a list of those skills that are required.

What made Prince Henry known as a visionary?

Henry was a visionary. A visionary is someone who can imagine something that hasn't yet happened. Henry owned a globe when many people believed the world was flat. He knew that Africa was more than endless land, and that if his sailors could circumnavigate the continent; he would find a water route ( Full Answer )

What is a visionary goal?

A visionary goal is something you think of your self doing in the future that you try really hard to achieve.

What are the criteria of a myth?

-- that it is believed to some extent to explain a truth. For example for a long time people believed that there were canals on Mars. Complex maps were even drawn up to show their location, but when we got there we found only a few major canyons, not a complex system. A myth used to explain things ( Full Answer )

What is a database criteria?

Literally its the defining characteristics that we use to compare and contrast a compilation of information that is being gathered and indexed for future use, or a defining characteristic that would deem exclusion or inclusion into the database. What the criteria is specifically would depend on the ( Full Answer )

What is visionary semiotics?

The subject of Visionary Semiotics covers the impactful images and signs witnessed in visions, meditations, or dreams that signify a future. A visionary semiotic (VS) is any such image or sign, or collection of images or signs in any dream or vision.

What is the criteria of beauty?

Beauty is an attribute placed upon the object of attention. In reality, it is the subjective response of the observer, perhaps pleasure, desire or some other pleasing response, which is the true measure of beauty. This raises the question, can something be beautiful, without being observed? My ass ( Full Answer )

What is criteria in access?

Criteria is an particular data which we want to specify in our field to highlight it. Thus we can say that criteria is used to specify a particular age, amount, working, department of peoples of different age whose age we can specify according to those age (less then or more then). Some of the cri ( Full Answer )

What is the criteria for autism?

this wil be changing in a few years but as of right now the criteria for autism are " . [The following is from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM IV ]. (I) A total of six (or more) items from (A), (B), and (C), with at least two from (A), and one each from (B) and (C) ( Full Answer )

What are hurricanes criteria?

Average wind speed in excess of 70mph. It was with that dodgy definition that Michael Fish defended his failure to forecast a hurricane hitting England in 1987.

Visionary in a sentence?

Ghandi was a visionary. The new company's mission statement was visionary. His lofty ideals and can-do attitude caused the newspaper to label him a visionary. The visionary leader created real change.

What are enable criteria?

Each Monitor in an OBD system is designed to test and monitor theoperation of a specific part of the vehicle's emissions system:(EGR system, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, etc.). A specificset of 'conditions' or 'driving procedures' must be met before thecomputer can command a Monitor to run te ( Full Answer )

What is the criteria for cheerleading?

If you are trying out for cheerleading, there will probably be a clinic where they teach you a cheer and a dance. When the clinic is over they will ask you to show the judges your flexibility, standing tumbling, running tumbling, jumps, stunting, and perform your cheer and dance.

Was the Zodiac Killer a visionary killer?

Zodiac was neither a visionary or special in any way. He was a coward and a killer. He could only feel good about himself by taking another's life.

Was Alexander a visionary genious or a butcher?

There is no doubt in my mind that he was one of the biggest butchers on the planet Earth. He went to ... "civilize" the world and butchered everytbody who resisted him.

What is the criteria for alliteration?

You mean "what are the criteria for alliteration." Criteria is plural. An alliteration is the use of a repeating consonant sound at the beginning of words. They do not need to be spelled the same. They do not need to be immediately adjacent, but any intervening words should be unaccented. "The Qu ( Full Answer )

What is a visionary leadership?

As a consultant I would classify projects into three categories: Administered projects - Those where all the administrative steps were followed, all the paper work done and checked off, problems were reacted to in a timely way, people are encouraged to stay on task and on schedule, the client's is ( Full Answer )

What does a visionary do?

A person who creates there own ideas about what the future might be like, or look like.

What is OR criteria in Access?

You use the OR criteria when you want to be able to give a choiceof options. Say you have a list of people working in differentdepartments and you want to list people working in the Accountsdepartment or the Sales department, then you would use the ORstatement. You could be looking for people who ar ( Full Answer )

What is criteria of purity?

The criteria of purity of a compund isÊdetermined at it melting point.ÊA pure compound a definate melting point. While an impure substance has an indefinate melting point.

Was Adam a visionary man?

All the Prophets are direct disciples of Allah Almighty. They are more than visionary. Anyhow, humans may fall a prey to forgetfulness for a little while. However, contrary to common human beings, the Prophets are warned immediately against the slightest of their forgetfulness.

What is search criteria?

A web search engine is designed to search for information on the world wide web.

What are some synonyms of the word 'visionary'?

Some of the synonyms of the word "visionary" are: ambitious, giant, astral, grandiose, prophetic, fantastic, idealist, quixotic, pretentious, dreaming and utopian.

Why is Maya Angelou a visionary?

Maya Angelou is a visionary because she was the first black person to write poetry and got recognized!

What are the visionary goals of FountainBlue?

The visionary goals of Fountain Blue are to create a more sustainable company management and executive leadership. Also to use corporate marketing for the inbound and outbound resort.

What is the criteria for hijab?

Hijab for men People usually only discuss 'hijab' in thecontext of women. However, in the Glorious Qur'an, Allah (swt) first mentions'hijab' for men before 'hijab' for the women. The Qur'an mentionsin Surah Noor: "Say to the believing men that they shouldlower their gaze and guard their modesty: ( Full Answer )

What is the abstract noun for visionary?

The noun vision , on which the concrete nounvisionary is based, is an abstract noun as a word for discernmentor perception; intelligent foresight or insight; a mental imageproduced by the imagination. The noun vision is a concrete noun as a word for sight.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Visionary - 2012?

The cast of The Visionary - 2012 includes: Theresa Arnett as herself Damian Boyd as Academy Trombone Marianne Cooper as herself Jennifer Enskat as Jennifer Enskat John Fernyak as himself Sarah Horrigan Ramos as Academy Dancer Tres Kline as himself Kevin Nestor as himself Barbara Peiker as herself No ( Full Answer )

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Was Alexander the Great a visionary genius or a butcher?

He was both. He had a vision of the Persian Empire which he tookover being converted to Greek culture which he believed, rightly orwrongly, to be superior. After starting this process he plannedtaking over western Europe and doing the same, but his early deathstopped that. In the process there was ( Full Answer )

What is simple criteria?

An incorrect use of English. "Criteria" is the plural of the word "criterion". This means thatthe verb in the question is wrong, it should read "What are simple criteria". A "criterion" is a test on which a judgment or decision can bebased.