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The assembly part of a compiler is at the back end of the build process. A build process takes instructions from a programming language and converts them into machine instructions. When you need to make machine instructions for a machine that is different than the type you are programming on you need a cross compiler. For instance, if you have a PC with an Intel X86 and you want machine instructions for an Xbox with a PowerPC inside then you would need to cross compile. You could take some intermediate output from your compilation process on the PC and use a cross assembler to make PowerPC instructions. Thus you would be using a cross assembler.

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Q: What is the cross assembler?
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How does cross assembler work?

i don't know what is the work of cross assembler?

What is the Difference between cross assembler and resident assembler?

An assembler which runs on a computer for which it produces object codes

What is the Difference between an assembler and cross assembler?

A cross-assembler is an assembler that generates machine language for a different type of computer than the one the assembler is running in. It is used to develop programs for computers on a chip or microprocessors used in specialized applications that are either too small or are otherwise incapable of handling the development software.

What is assembler and what types of assembler?

An assembler is a one type of compiler which compiles the program written in assembly language.

Where can you get an assembler?

One well known and good assembler is NASM. (Netwide ASseMbler). This can be found at

What language is used by assembler?

Assembler is the name of programming language.

What is a meta assembler?

Meta-assembler is a program that accepts the syntactic and semantic description of an assembly language, and generates an assembler for that language.

What is output of an assembler?

The output of an assembler is a part or all of a product. An assembler can work in a variety of manufacturing operations with the right training.

What is the difference between an assembler and a translator?

what is the difference between an assembler and the translator

What are assembler directive listout and explain its types?

list out assembler directive?

Is assembler a hardware?

No, assembler is a low-level programming language. It is software.

Why is C not an object oriented language?

The simple answer is it was never intended nor designed to be an object-oriented language. It was primarily intended to replace assembler language, hence its procedural nature. Unlike assembler, which is machine-specific, C is a generic, cross-platform language.

What is psuedocode used for?

Assembler directives are also known as pseudocode.It is instruction to assembler regarding the program to be assembled. For example ORG 4000 is an assembler directive which tells the assembler that program is stored from location 4000.

What is pass1 assembler?

pass 1 assembler is assembler which convert assembly level language into machine level language in one pass only

Need of an assembler?

To compile the program written in assembly language, we need an assembler.

Assembler design options?

Two main options for the design of assembler are: 1. One pass assembler 2. Multi-pass assembler One pass assemblers generally have problem of "forward referencing" which is resolved by using mulitpasses

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of 1 and 2 pass assembler?

disadvantage of two pass assembler

Single pass assembler in system software?

input file for the single pass assembler

What is the first assembler for computers?

Initial Orders was the first assembler. It was developed for the EDSAC in 1949.

What are examples of assemblers?

There are several examples of assemblers: GAS - the GNU Assembler MASM - Microsoft Macro Assembler NASM - Netwide Assembler The assembler is the program which converts assembly code into machine code - a necessary step to prepare a program for execution.

What are the main functions of an Assembler?

Answerin simple way u can say assembler converts the assembly language into machine language.the main function of an assembler is assign addresses to labels.

What is the difference between an assembler and assembly language?

An assembler will translate assembly language into machine code.

How do the assembler and linker work together?

An assembler converts source code programs from native assembly language to machine language and a linker combines files created by an assembler into a program that can be executed.

What is the output of 2pass assembler?

The output of two-pass assembler is object code (and assembly listing). The output of one-pass or three-pass assembler is object code (and assembly listing).

What are the objectives of an assembler in IT department?

The objective of assembler is to provide a programmer oriented interface to the hardware of a particular computer