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Q: What is the crust including the seven continents and all other land masses called?
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What do you call the crust making up the continents?

The crust that makes up the continents, or land masses on Earth is called continental crust. The crust that makes up the oceans is called oceanic crust.

Force that cause continents to drift?

plate tectonics The friction between the convective masses in the mantle and the crust overlaying it causes the crust to move.

What are large chunks of earths crust called?


What do you call the thin and thick part of the crust?

The thin part of the crust is called ocean basins. The thick part of the crust is called continents.

When land masses on earths crust are moving what is it called?


Why are the continents of the earth is not included in the part of the original crust?

The continents of the Earth are not included in the part of the original crust because they appear differently. These continents used to all be one large continent called Pangaea.

Continents and the ocean floor are part of earths solid rocky surface called?


What are the two types of crust that makes up the continents and ocean?

The two types of crust that make up the continents and ocean are the continental crust and the oceanic crust.

What is a break in the Earth's crust where masses of rock slide past each other is called a?


What type of crust is under the continents?

contianal crust

Is the Earth's crust thicker under the oceans or the continents?

Earth's crust is far thicker under the continents.

Is a volcano a natural creation?

yes it is from the clash of the continents millions of years ago when all the continents were together in a super continent called pangaea. underground cracks deep below the ocean called underwater volcano's formed from the splitting of the continents and these volcanos release magma that replaces old crust with new crust called seafloor-speading.