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The Dayton Peace Accord of 1995 left Bosnia and Herzegovina

How was Charles de Gaulle instrumental in defeating the Germans in France

In July 1997 Britain ended its control of the dependent territory of

Brazil has the world's economy

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Q: What is the cultural traditions of France?
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What cultural traditions have influenced American life?

All cultural traditions have.

What are cultural traditions?

they are pop

What were the cultural traditions for the maori people?

Maori people have a few cultural traditions. Some of their traditions are burials are big and families come together.

What are cultural activities?

Cultural activities are traditions, holidays, and customs.

What are the traditions in France?

i cant find any traditions for France HELP

What are the cultural traditions of France?

Culture is a set of beliefs that we learn from the group of people we live with. Cultural traditions of France are: Language; French, Religion; Catholicism/ Islam/ Judaism/ Buddhism. Recently divorce rate is increasing, tradition of extended family is reduced to nuclear family system. Same sex marriage has become legal.

What are Chilie's cultural traditions?

they are pop

If Inca descendants do not practice their cultural traditions it is likely that what would happen?

Simply stated, their cultural traditions would be lost.

What cultural traditions have survived from the middle ages in Japan?

The cultural traditions that have survived from the middle ages in japan is its poem haiku,and its legacies

What cultural traditions are in Asia?

Sammii is cool

What are cultural traditions that the Inuit tribe follows?

The cultural traditions that the Inuit tribe follows are dances and marriages.Also, telling stories and believing in spirits.

What lead to the creation of 2 main Jewish cultural traditions?

Jews have lived in almost every country of the world with each community developing its own cultural traditions, it would be impossible to pinpoint just 2 cultural traditions as the main ones.

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