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AnswerCanadian people mostly eat foods from other places around the world. They mostly eat British foods for their health in Canada.
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Q: What is the culture of Canada?
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What is the simallarty of Canada and Fiji culture?

There is definitely NO similarity or similarities on Canada and Fiji culture.

Is Canada a Low power distance or High power distance culture?

Canada is a Low power distance culture.

What has Canada done to help preserve French culture in Canada?


How did immigration shape the culture of Canada?


What is the cultural differences between Canada and Egypt?

Canada does not have Islam as its major religion. Canada has a more western consumer style culture than Egypt. Canada is cold, Egypt is not. Canada's culture is heavily influenced by British, French, Inuit, Korean (in some parts at least), and American culture. Egypt is not.

What province is the center of french culture?

Quebec is the Canadian Province that is the center of French culture in Canada.

What makes Canada Canada?

Everything from our culture to our history to our politics to our economy, etc. Try looking up Canada in Wikipedia.

What has been the long term significance of French settlers in Canada?

They created a strong culture region within Canada

What part of Canada is a Chinese culture region?


How is Canada linked to the United States?

Culture and trade

Of what culture is Justin Bieber?

Since he is from Canada he is Canadian

Which part of Canada is a Chinese culture region?


Why did Britain let Canada have a French culture?

Britain didn't "let" Canada have a French culture. Canada doesn't really have a French culture outside of the Province of Quebec. There are pockets of Francophones outside of Quebec, but the majority of natural-born Canadians speak English and follow English-based laws and customs.

What is Canada west now called?

Canada west is also known as Western Canada and the western provinces. This is the result of the attempt to reject from the culture.

What European culture was the most influential in Canada?

probably the French

What were the regional interests of Canada east?

population, culture, trades

What two world culture regions share part of the continent of North America?

French Canada and English Canada

Causes of the Rebellion of the upper Canada?

in lower Canada the french culture was at stake bad transportation land was expensive

Do culture regions create benefits or disadvantage for Canada?

Look at your booK

What did Italians bring to Canada?

jacko food skills culture work

What is an quebec's independence movement of Canada?

they wanted to keep their religon and culture.

Why Quebec wanted to separate from Canada in order to?

Because of the differences between the french Canadian culture and the English Canadian culture. Quebecois are a very distinct society from Canada and they wan their independance to do things their way.

Could Canada be considered as a puppet to the US?

Canada is a puppet to the USA in it's media, however the culture and economy are "Canadian".

How is Canada connected to the world through culture?

Most cultures of the world are represented in Canada by the people who live here. They are our connection.

Is culture the same around the world?

No, different cultures exist in different parts of the world. For example: * The culture in China is very different form the culture in Canada. * The culture in Argentina is very different from the culture in Japan. * And each of those are very different from the culture in Zaire.