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What is the cure for a noisy ceiling fan?

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I had a problem with a noisy hunter fan last month. After going to similar post like this one, I found this site and ordered a bottle of fan motor oil (I know it sounds funny) but it cleared it right up. I couldn't find this oil at lowes or Home Depot for the life of me. Anyways, try these people out they also helped me pickout a nice light kit for my fan too. Hope this helped.

AnswerIf it has a light, make sure the nut holding the diffuser holds it so that it won't rattle. AnswerMy Hunter ceiling fan developed a scratching sound after about 6 months of use. I checked all screws blades etc. Finally I removed the housing to expose the motor. It was then that I noticed a piece of mesh had become unglued and the rotors where rubbing against it. Problem solved. Answerglue pennies to the blades! If there is a imbalance in the fan this will clear it right up. that is until the pennies fly off and break stuff! Believe it or not, I actually saw a friend do this. AnswerIT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT IS CAUSING THE NOISE. IF THE FAN IS OUT OF BALANCE GO TO YOUR NEAREST FAN DISTRIBUTER AND BUY A REAL BALANCING KIT AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.IF IT IS NOISE FROM THE MOTOR AND YOU ARE NOT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN, YOU SHOULD CALL A PROFESSIONAL WHO CAN COME AND LISTEN TO THE FAN AND DETERMINE WHAT STEP TO TAKE NEXT. Answeryou may also want to check the light bulbs and other glass fixtures on the fan/lamp (if there are lights). Sometimes they aren't seated properly on the rubber seals or screws that hold them together and they rattle and make other noise. Answerthe above is GREAT advice- often it sounds like the motor, but it's just a light bulb rattling on the glass in the light kit, or a loose screw.


AnswerAs Stated In The Ceiling Fans Manuals, Turn The Ceiling Fan Off For 24 HRS. Then Turn It On. If It Proceeds, Check All Screws. If It Proceeds, Check The Lights, If There Are Any. If It Proceeds, Check That The Pulls Are Not On The Lights, If There Are Any. If They Are, Remove Them. If It Proceeds, Remove The Ceiling Fan Itself, Replace It. Answerreplacement AnswerIn most cases when your ceiling fan makes noise, it's is off balanced.

I have found this on

This is usually due to the fan blades; and this is probably the easiest problem to fix once you find the blade that is off. It can also be a production fault, but this is exceptional.


My fan made a noise only when the switch was on. As soon as the switch was off the noise stopped, even though the fan still continued to turn. I tried reversing the direction, but still got exactly the same effect (switch off + fan turning = no noise; switch on + fan turning = noise). So I was sure it was an electrical problem.

But when I started to dismantle the fan, one out of the eight screws holding the blades was a little loose. Tightened screw, problem solved (and the night before we had almost bought a new fan!)


2011-09-14 09:08:22
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How do you fix a noisy ceiling fan motor?

Ceiling fan motor is squeaking

How do you lubricate a noisy ceiling fan?

You can lubricate a ceiling fan with WD-40. Just spray the lubricant on the fan where the motor spins. Make sure the fan is turned off first.

Why does your ceiling fan makes a buzzing sound?

There are many reasons why your ceiling fan could buzzing. One reason can be losse screws. Tighten the screws in the blades. If you have found the screws are loose in the blades, this could be the main cause or only cause of your problem. You can find more info about stopping your ceiling fan buzzing on this website:

What is the cure for a humming ceiling fan?

One of the things to do is if your ceiling fan is being operated by a dimmer, set the dimmer to the highest setting to stop it from humming or replace the dimmer switch with a regular wall switch.

When trying to cure Quagmire of his peeping ways what do the guys use to help him learn control?

A ceiling fan

What is a ceiling fan?

It's a fan that hangs from your ceiling.

What is the cure for a noisy gas fireplace fan?

Dust from drywall cutting for example is fine enough to get into the blower fan motor and cause a squeaking noise. You'll need to replace the fan if this is the case.

You think that your ceiling fan is giving you a headache in the morning?

Mine? No. Yours? It's possible. If you lie in such a way that the breeze from the fan dries out your sinuses during the night it could. If your ceiling fan is noisy and running all night it could cause a headache. If there are poorly sheilded eletrical wiring in your ceiling fan and you are sensitive to electro magnetic fields that could cause a headache. If your ceiling fan is hung too low and you bang your head on it in the morning then that would probably cause a good headache. If the ceiling fan falls from the ceiling onto your head that will almost certainly cause a headache and/or concussion or serious injury or death.

How do you oil a noisy ceiling fan?

Almost all new ceiling fans have "lifetime" sealed bearings and should not require oil. The only one I know of still using oil is the Hunter Original.

What are the different strenghts and weaknesses of ceiling fans?

A ceiling fan can provide cool and circulated air for the entire room it resides in. A weakness is that sometimes it can be noisy after long use and has the potential to injure someone if it was to fall.

What is hugger ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan that mounts directly to the ceiling with no down-rod.

Wiring A Ceiling Fan?

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How do you use a ceiling fan?

In order to use a ceiling fan a person just needs to turn the ceiling fan on. Some ceiling fans are turned on by flipping of a switch. For some, you need to pull the chain of the ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans?

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Does a ceiling fan break in?

It should not be necessary to 'break in' a ceiling fan.

How do you install a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling?

well im not quite sure, but i think you get a fan ceiling first, and then you have to make a hole in the ceiling to get the fan from hanging down. then you... i dont know call a ceiling expert :)

How do you replace ball bearings of a ceiling fan?

buy a new ceiling fan

Is a black ceiling fan more becoming then a white ceiling fan?

There is no actual real significant difference, besides the color. A black ceiling fan works the exact same as a white ceiling fan. Of course, the brand of the fan might make a difference, though the color of the fan will not.

Where is the fan capacitor?

If you are referring to a ceiling fan it is in the bell housing where the fan connects to the electrical box at ceiling level.

What does a ceiling fan do?

A ceiling fan moves air just like other fans.

Which is the best high speed ceiling fan in India?

summer king ceiling fan

What is structure of ceiling fan?

ceiling fan consist of a miter which run an as soon as wing

What type of motor is used in a ceiling fan?

A capacitor start motor is used in a ceiling fan.

How do you say ceiling fan in French?

A ceiling fan is 'un ventilateur de plafond' in French.

Why new candelabra ceiling fan lights?

In an attempt to safeguard the end user, many ceiling fan manufacturers have made the transition to candelabra type ceiling fan light bulbs.