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Hamburg in Germany use the Euro.

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¤ is the universal currency symbol. When used, it means currency.

Apparently from German immigrants who came from Hamburg to America. They used the name taken from Hamburg

Euro is the currency used in Martinique

Pa'anga is the currency used in Tonga.

The Euro is the currency used in Dublin.

yaun is the currency used in China

Singaporean currency and the currency of Brunei.

The currency used in Stockholm is the same currency used in the entire country:Kronor (shortened: kr) meaning "crowns"SEK is the currency type.

The Euro is the currency used in the Vatican.

The Currency used in Mexico is the Mexican Peso

The currency used in Japan is call the 'yen.'

The Currency used in Thailand Phuket is Bhat

In congo currency is used is usd

The currency used in Dubai is the same currency used throughout the UAE - the Dirham (marked as "AED").

They bartered. They used bread and goods as currency.

The name of the currency used in Haiti is "gourde'

Euro is the new currency used overseas.

Euro is the currency spain used to use!!

the currency that is used in abu dhabi is ...Dirhams

Coins and notes are used as currency in Ireland.

The currency in France used to be the franc. The currency has since changed, and France now uses the euro.

There is no currency which is used throughout all of Latin America. The currency used varies by country.

The Euro is the currency of Portugal.

The currency of Italy is the Euro (€).

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