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What is the current political climate in Poland?

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September 14, 2011 9:09AM

it is cool

Middle latitudes. Generally in Poland You can experience every season. In summer the temperature is about 22 degrees, but can raise even up to 35 or (like last summer) even up to 50 on the beach (that was gross!). In autumn usually about 14 degrees, and very colorful (check out Polish Gold Autumn, in Polish "Polska zlota Jesien"). Can rain but can also be very sunny - perfect to take a walk. In winter usually temperature is below or around 0, it's snowing and if the temperature is low enough (like last winter 15 degrees under zero) everything is freezing including lakes. Then spring - quite warm, about 16 degrees. Can be sunny and rainy. Everything looks green because all the trees, flowers and other plants are waking up after winter sleep. Also animals.