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What is the current salary of the cabinet members of the executive branch?


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January 06, 2010 12:11AM


Salaries of the President and His Cabinet

The President of the United States has the most demanding job in the world. How much does he earn in salary? $400,000 per year.

Below are the salaries for the President, top federal judges and cabinet members for 2008.PositionSalary

Executive Branch President of the United States

$400,000 wow!!! that is alot

Executive Schedule Level 1: Cabinet-level officials


Level II: Deputy secretaries of departments, secretaries of military departments, & heads of major agencies


Level III: Under secretaries of departments & heads of middlelevel agencies


Level IV: Assistant secretaries & general counsels of departments, heads of minor agencies, members of certain boards & commissions


Level V: Administrators, commissioners, directors, & members of boards, commissions, or units of agencies


Legislative Branch Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate)


Speaker of the House of Representatives


President Pro Tempore of the Senate


Majority and Minority Leaders - House and Senate


Senators, Representatives, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, and Delegates


Comptroller General of the United States


Deputy Comptroller General


Librarian of Congress


Judicial Branch Chief Justice of the United States


Associate Justices of the Supreme Court


Judges, U.S. Courts of Appeal


Judges, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces


Judges, U.S. District Courts


Judges, United States Claims Court


Judges, Court of International Trade


Judges, Tax Court of the United States


Bankruptcy Judges


Magistrate Judges

$151,984 that is a lot