What is the current total population of Canada?

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About 35 million or less than one half of one percent of the worlds population.

Who is the current queen of Canada?

The current Canadian monarch is Her Majesty Elizabeth II , Queen of Canada . Previous monarchs of Canada have been: . Her Majesty Victoria , Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland . His Majesty Edward VII , King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland . His Majes ( Full Answer )

What is the population of Canada?

Canada's population in late 2014 was estimated to be 35,540,419people. This is, however, constantly increasing. 35.16 million (2013) The estimated population of the country, Canada, is 35,163,430. 30 million

How many people currently have diabetes in Canada?

In short, an estimated 285 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes, while, in Canada, more than 3 million Canadians have diabetes and this number is expected to reach 3.7 million by 2020

Who is currently the leader of the Official Opposition in Canada?

The Official Opposition in Canada is the Canadian New Democratic Party led by Thomas Mulcair . Other opposition parties currently include the Liberals, led by Bob Rae, the Bloc Quebecois, led by Vivian Barbot, and the Green Party, led by Elizabeth May. Thomas Mulcair, Leader of Canada's New Demo ( Full Answer )

What is the total land area of Canada?

9,984,670 sq km, including 755,180 sq km covered by lakes and rivers. The total area of Canada is 9 984 670 square kilometres. Of this, 9 093 507 square kilometres is land and 891 163 square kilometres is fresh water.- reference: atlas.nrcan.gc.ca =)

Who is the current governor of Alberta Canada?

Alberta does not have a Governor, however, it does have aLieutenant Governor. As of August 2014, Donald Ethell is theLieutenant Governor of Alberta. Dave Hancock is Alberta's Premier.

Current leader of Canada?

The leader of Canada is referred to as the Prime Minister ofCanada. The current and 22nd Prime Minister of Canada is StephenHarper, who took the title on February 6, 2006.

Who is the current premier of Canada?

There are three Territorial Premiers in Canada. As of 2014, theyare Bob McLeod, Northwest Territories; Darrell Pasloski, Yukon; andPeter Taptuna, Nunavut. There are also ten Provincial Premiers aswell.

Who is the current president of Canada?

Canada is not a republic, it is a Constitutional Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II, who is the current Queen of Canada is the Head of State. Although her powers are vast, she rarely uses them, except for an emergency. Political power is usually exercised by the Prime Minister of Canada, who (currently St ( Full Answer )

Who is the current head of state in canada?

Queen Elizabeth II is our Head of State but only because that is how our Constitutions reads. The Queen would never comment on any Canadian State issue and if she did would be at best ignored, at worst create a constitutional uproar or crisis. The Governor General is sometimes referred to as our ( Full Answer )

What are women's rights currently in Canada?

Women have equal rights to men in all areas of society. It is illegal to discriminate based on gender in Canada. It's all in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

What is total population?

Total population is the sum of all peoples (or whatever you are polling) within a given area.

How many lakes in total in canada?

There are an estimated 3 million lakes located in Canada. Three isthe lakes are called Lake Claire, Pigeon Lake, and Wizard Lake.

Is total FTA legal in Canada?

OF COURSE IT IS LEGAL . if it was illegal the government would have already banned there website

What is current problems facing Canada?

Economic situations, Quebec Nationalists, deteriorating infrastructure, Government waste all much the same problems as anywhere else in North America.

Current population of Canada?

the current population of Canada is approximately 22 frogs, 11 cats, 3 cows, and one lonely old man named Bauman.

The US population is what percent of the population of Canada?

The population of Canada is about 33 million persons (2010) and that of the United States is about 303 million (2010). So US population is about 918% of the population of Canada. Conversely the the population of Canada as a percentage of the United States population is just over 10%.

Why Ontario the most populated in Canada?

Originally Lower Canada, one of the oldest populated regions in Canada. (Ummm, don't look now, but Lower Canada became Québec. What is now Ontario includes the former Upper Canada, but not Lower Canada.) Close proximity to the United States and large urban centres such as Detroit, New York, ( Full Answer )

What are the combat jets currently in used in Canada?

F/A-18's, A's and B's are their closest American counterparts. They are specific models made specifically for Canadian military needs. Basically they took a naval hornet, and mixed it with the land based hornet, and called it a CF-188. The Canadian Gov't recently announced a contract to purchase a n ( Full Answer )

Who is the head of state in Canada currently?

Canada's current Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II. However, in virtually all respects, the Queen delegates the role of Head of State to the Governor General of Canada, currently David Lloyd Johnston.

What is your current population of Canada?

Canada's population is about 33.7 million people (33,700,000). A great source for population info is the CIA World Factbook. Yes, the CIA is a spy agency, but one thing they are good at is putting together up-to-date info on every country in the world.

Which current nfl players were born in Canada?

The 2011 NFL season saw 6 Canadian born players ... 1) DB O.J. Atogwe for the Redskins born in Windsor, Ontario. 2) K Shaun Swisham for the Steelers born in Wallaceburg, Ontario. 3) DL L.P. Ladoucuer of the Cowboys born in Montreal, Quebec. 4) C Brett Romberg of the Falcons born in Windsor, ( Full Answer )

Can you ride in Canada with your current insurance?

In some cases the answer is yes, in others, you will be under-insured or uninsured as soon as you cross the border. The only way to find out for sure is to contact your insurance company before you make the trip.

How many states are there currently in the Canada?

None. Canada does not have "states" as a political division, it has "provinces" and "territories" There are 10 traditional provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador) and three territo ( Full Answer )

What is the current population and the population now of koalas?

The Australia Koala Foundation estimates that koala numbers in thewild have dropped to below 80,000. As a species, the koala is not endangered in Australia, but somelocal populations have been reduced considerably. The conservation status of koalas varies from region to region inAustralia. For exa ( Full Answer )

What is included in total current assets?

1.Following are the items included In total current assets: . Cash in hand . Bank . Accounts receivable . Notes receivable . Inventory

Who is the current CEO of HSBC Canada?

Paulo Maia is slated to take over the HSBC Canada CEO position in "early 2013". Mr. Maia began his career with HSBC in 1993 and previously served as the CEO of HSBC Bank Australia.

Is MMF the same as total current?

Yes It is defined as current multiplied by the number of turns in the coil. You can also use MMF in just a plane sheet of conducting metal, obviously you just treat the number of turns equal to 1. .

Who are the current members of the Supreme Court of Canada?

The Supreme Court of Canada currently has nine members who are Beverley McLachlin, Louis LeBel, Morris Fish, Rosalie Abella, Marshall Rothstein, Thomas Cromwell, Michael Moldaver, Andromache Karakatsanis, and Richard Wagner.